the lesson from Scarlett Johansson


CHey light,

Scarlett. You can’t say more, the blonde co-star Adam Driver, and Laura Dern in the comedy-drama “A Marriage Story”, incoming streaming on Netflix on 6. December. The preview in Los Angeles, Scarlett Johansson dress with bustier-Louis Vuitton and earrings pendant hides literally on the flash. Yes, make-up-hyper-glowy, stellar, combining a number of details to be able to seem to have any tired face or ingrigito.

The hyper-glow Scarlett Johansson at the Premiere of Netflix’s “Marriage Story”. Make-up: Frankie Boyd, with the products of the make-up artist Pat McGrath.

The lipstick that distracts from occhiaia

The first item: a pair of lips orange coral, almost fluo. A trick effectively, you said, put a beautiful contrast in the face, how can that be mouth-to-pop-colorsfirst “distract” from the dark circles and the tired lookand then, act, look, and brightens the skin. Provided you choose the right shade: orange do blondes skins glow Golden, the pink – fuchsia blackberries from the bright eyes, the rossi more saturated fatty acids are, however, a Mat anti-fatigue a little for all.

The type of light that dazzles

The second step, the highlighter: Scarlett, or better her make-up artist Frankie Boydnot saved, in bright, on the contrary. Spennellato has, not to say “carved”, cheek bones and temples of the actress with the light metal of the light species Skin Fetish Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio signed Pat McGrath. In two layers: first, a base holder for apple ipad, almost moonthen a a brush of pink Barbieeffect blush stretched as shiny, up to the temples. A combination of yield hyper glowy, generate as the guru of the backstage area of the fashion mag look. In photos, the yield is almost a facelift, especially with a crop like what the hairstylist Danilo tuned pulled to the sides of the temples.

Pat McGrath Skin fetish Sublime Skin-Highlighting Trio (47 euro).

The contact, which “wakes up” the view

Third, but not the last trick, a touch of lluminante in the corner of the eye: just mentioned, gold…. With a touch of mascara, open, guaranteed, “” the view and makes it seem, pia-alarm clock, glossy. In a beautiful grey absolutely. Weather or mood.