The Top 10 of the week, add a little rhythm to this christmas with Cardi B


Good Thursday to all our readers. We are in the middle of December, the month with the most hectic of the year, maybe, the colored lights of christmas, the people who crowd the streets, and I would say that the #ivgchart is what you need!

There are a lot of our readers who share it, and write to us and pointed out to me the songs they want to hear in our chart, I often do listen to stuff that I didn’t know and it is fantastic, as is fantastic music in general!

Also this week my advice to the listening, is a my mashup, I blended the sounds of “Losing It” as Fisher with the voice of Cardi B Bodak Yellow, you can listen to it here.

This week no new entry, but always a lot of beautiful music then the volume is always high, and so on, with the #ivgchart.

In the first place the new entry of last week, is climbing up every chart world – “Promises” by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith is really a great song. In the second place, a cool song, a new talent emerged from the social, like a lot young and his “Black” is definitely a hit in Italian, congratulations Irama why enters a straight leg in the second position of our chart!

The third position returns Gue Pequeno, the immortal of the Italian hip hop has made a kind of remake of Gold, Mango, revisited by Big Fish and played it his way, it’s called “Bling Bling” and sounds very strong. At position number 4 a disc that impressed me very much despite I’m not a fan of his, he is Fedez and with this song that he dedicated to the small child wins the entry of our chart, even the title is very significant, “Before all things”.

At number 5 there is “Taki Taki”. Dj Snake has thought well to bring together Selena Gomez Ozuna and Cardi B for packaging a hit for the winter 2019 on time and we succeeded! At number 6 the couple Annalisa and Mr Rain with A “Tomorrow” is a single that I like very much!

At position 7, a duo fantastic: Drake and Bad Bunny. Together, they had never heard and separate you are taking the current scene, the song is called “Mine!” The number 8 of the #ivgchart are Enrico Nigiotti and Gianna Nannini with their “Accomplices” of a disk to all the italians, I really like this duet, ascoltatevelo!

At number 9 we find Carl the Brave with Max Gazzè and their delightful “I can”. The number 10 position we had already heard in my advice in listening, is a piece magnificent “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 with Cardi B.

Stay connected and every week get ready to turn up the volume!

#1 – Takagi & Ketra – Love and Capoeira ft. Giusy Ferreri and Sean Kingston

#2 – Irama – Black

#3 – Gue Pequeno – Bling Bling (Gold)

#4 – Fedez – First of all

#5 – Dj Snake – Taki Taki

#6 – Annalisa & Mr Rain – A Tomorrow

#7 – Bad Bunny & Drake – My

#8 – Enrico Nigiotti & Gianna Nannini – Accomplices

#9 – Carl the Brave ft. Max Gazzè – Can I

#10 – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B. – Girls Like You