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Christian Bale deal with the Thor in the fourth film dedicated to the character

As we find them correctly two months also makes Christian Bale you will be a part Thor: Love & Thunderthe fourth film is dedicated to the heroes of Marvel inspired of God norreno.

The news was confirmed Tessa Thompsonto note, she played the role of “Valkyrie” in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: the Endgame.

Of course, the possible role of Christian Bale is obliged, under the absolute reluctance on the part of the vertices Marvel.. Two of the main suspects are: Dario Agger, so Minotaurone of the enemies approached by the new Thor; and Gorrthe killer of the gods, he appeared as an enemy of the God of thunder in a run in 2013.

At the moment it is just rumors, then we recommend that you with a pair of pliers any distraction on the role of the office of christian Bale in the film. We will inform you as soon as they become available, the information given to the future use of the actor, the film by Taika Waititi.

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Disney has determined 5. November 2021 as the date for the official release for Thor: Love and Thunder, is in the cast, among others, the receipt of Natalie Portman as I said, in the same Taika Waititishould be around the figure Korg. According to some rumors in addition to the role of the villain in the movie, could Jennifer Lawrence. The Lawrence-of-entries arose, to interpret the should to Amora the enchantress, historical enemy of Thor in the publications, the classic.

To produce, the film again Kevin Feige, conferma they after that the last Chapter in the saga dedicated to the God of thunder 853 million dollars, played in the whole world.

Your readers, what do you think? It would give you pleasure, if the former Batman interpretation Cup of a cinecomic? There you would see, well, Christian Bale in Thor: Love and Thunder, in short? On our website, in the meantime, you can find all the information Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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