Vin Diesel on the saga beyond ‘Bloodshot’: “I have to make some important calls”

‘Bloodshot’ was premiered in Spain. After having been delayed three weeks, the first adaptation of the super soldier program from the comic books Valiant reached the screen with the face of Vin Diesel. Taking advantage of the premiere in our country, the protagonist of the saga ‘Fast & Furious’ has spoken to us about his new feature film.

Between these statements highlights the surprise of the actor when he spoke of the loss of one of the properties of Valiant, ‘Harbinger’, in the hands of Paramount. Diesel ignored this news, even having been announced months ago. The importance of the step of ‘Harbinger’ Paramount lies in the difficulty to unify its franchise with ‘Bloodshot’, which is Sony, in a movie universe with the characters from Valiant.


“This is new to me. Anyone around here what I had said. REALLY? DO YOU REALLY, GUYS? There go all my plans for the VCU”said Vin Diesel in a playful tone that could have been mistaken for a joke. However, their comments made it clear that this ignorance was very real to reaffirm its desire to create the universe shared.

“That is what we try to do, what you’re supposed to do. It is assumed that we can learn from our friend Kevin Present and thinking of a whole universe. That is what it is supposed to happen. I didn’t even know that another study is carried one of the properties. This is new to me. In fact, by the end of this interview, I’m going to go, and I’m going to make an important call and ask “What is going on here?””.

Will have to see if the intervention of Vin Diesel will get manage the creation of the Universe Film Valiant.

A superhero with post-traumatic stress

Diesel also spoke of that which differentiates a ‘Bloodshot’ of other superheroes. It is a character that has been born of post-traumatic stress. You are not sure that everything that has been told is accurate, nor that it was the truth. He has been manipulated for some reason unknown to him, and that is something that we feel in all of the world.”

Another of the aspects that most attracted the attention of the interpreter were the powers of the character born from the nanomachines in his blood. It is great to see Jay Garrison to discover these abilities superhuman. It’s fun that moment in which everyone in the audience go, “Oh, my God””, he cried with the voice of the elderly woman.


Respect for the original

One of the aspect most relevant of the film has been the influence of the comic book to achieve a work that maintains its essence. “Valiant has never done a superhero movie. You can imagine the pressure that is their first release film, and you want to honor that and turn it into something specialdetailed Diesel.

“I think the director did a great job honoring the fans. Dan Mintz, who bought Valiant Comics, was on the set every day and has been the greatest support of Valiant. The actor added that each scene was reviewed during the shoot to keep the spirit of the comic. “I think that the true fans of ‘Bloodshot’ are going to be thrilled to be able to go to the movies and see your favorite character from the comic book come to life”.

The influence of video games

Diesel praised the work of its director, Dave Wilson, who is recognized for his work in the world of video games. One of the things I love is the fact that he did all those cinematics for the video games and had that domain’s CGI. I knew that this would be a component great. You can find a lot of talent in the world of video games. There is an artistic element born here that I think will be really well the release of ‘Bloodshot'”.

‘Bloodshot’ was premiered in the cinemas Spanish on Friday, the 6th of march.