Voice control for Spotify, hoping that soon the command


With the “I wanted to tell you Simply,” can you start the language assistant. (Photo: monticello/ Shutterstock)

With the new Feature, you could go to the Spotify voice control in the future, it’s easier to turn on. A screenshot showing the new feature.

When you are cooking, cleaning or in the car, voice control Spotify, it may be useful to you. In the past, you had to get a Spotify, that the Voice is included in the Premium Version, or manually. Right now, it is working on the activation, by means of “Hey, that’s on Spotify,” writes the developer, Jane Manchun Wong, a Tweet and posted a Picture of this.

The wizard’s voice stays the same

“I will, Simply,” it is turned on, and therefore, the existing wizard, Simply a Voice. Prior to that, he was released via a Press-and-Hold the Search Buttons. The system of care, is to change the nature of the activation, nothing, nothing – at least, Jane, Manchun Wong has discovered anything in that regard.

With it’s Voice in the English language, Users can Express their requests, in particular commands such as “play something I like” or “recommend me something”. In German, the User may join Bixby along with Siri or Alexa.

It seems to want to listen to, it is only when the App is opened. The command is, “well, Hey, Simply,” works only as long as it’s about the display is turned on, then, Jane, Manchun Wong. The function can be selected in the settings, but turning it off completely. When the Feature is actually released, and it remains to be seen.

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