‘Westworld’: The critical target with a third season that will lack “brightness”


This march 15, (16 thanks to HBO Spain) becomes ‘Westworld’ after a long break of almost two years. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of the series, left us with many questions and various theories about the third season. Although we still have a few days to go out of doubts, critics of various media (our mate Javi P. Martin has been one of them) have had the opportunity to see the first four episodes that make up the new season and he has not left the best taste in the mouth.


‘Westworld’ has always been a series that has raised some blisters due to the plots so convoluted that they made the public to take the series more as duties than as a distraction from the real world. This was more to do with his second season, but it seems that Nolan and Joy have learned from their mistakes and have facilitated the understanding of what we want to tellone of the few consensuses that have been reached by the critics. However, some, like Daniel D Addario of Variety, they see it as a burden that “limits the power of the series” and that “to be as flat influences in every corner of the story and absorbs its brightness”. Also shared by Tim Surette of TV Guide that, with a playful tone, pointing to “the episodes are so direct that can make you think that you have become a be more intelligent since you saw the second season”.

One aspect on which all agree is the “potential” that is the relationship between Dolores and Caleb, the character of Aaron Paul. Ben Travers of IndieWirePaul “lead the plot more intriguing,” and between them arise “frictions that create a welcome friction.”while for Haleigh Foutch of Collider is the “history the most direct and rewarding”. The problem for D Addario is that “the beauty of ‘Westworld’ in its two seasons was that it did not need that empatiz├ísemos with a human leader”something that does seem that’s going to happen in this third. In terms of the own Pain, instead of dwelling on his revenge, which seem to have no end, Brandon Katz of Observer advocates “explore your journey so traumatic that has led it to become what I hated most, but it is not anywhere”. This coincides with Foutch, who remarks that “still too focused on building mysteries in time characters”.


With regard to the new aesthetic, all agree that it is amazing the detail that is presented, but all of that becomes very tricky because “we lack human emotion” if we compare it with the plot, as he says Katz. Following this, the great enemy to beat would be the Big Data and the big corporations that use their algorithms to determine the life of the people. This has reminded Surette to ‘Guarded: Person of Interest’, another of the creations of Nolan. Despite being on his land, it seems that “‘Westworld’ has nothing new to contribute to the discussion.”, according to Katz. The tricks that have been used by writers during the first two seasons do that now “lack tension and pace down a little”in the words of Foutch. But it is the companion of Entertainment Weekly who summarizes in one word what has sense to see these first four episodes: “tired”.

An absolute change

In this third season we have left the park created by Delos in order to land in the real world, a medium completely new to Pain, the host that came out of him and that led to five more of his own. From what we’ve seen in the trailers and commenting on the critics (without going into spoilers), Abernathy continues with his revenge, and will have new faces for this, as that of Paul. The mission of stop it will Maeve, what we could bring to one of the confrontations most anticipated for the fans.

The third season of ‘Westworld’ premieres march 16 on HBO Spain.