“What Miguel Marcos sees this every day?” The face of Belen Esteban without Photoshop: “Horror!”


belén esteban face

March 06, 2020
(12:05 CET)

Belén Esteban has won the battle. Has finally been avenged of that was his representative. Toño Sanchís left with a straight face the villa in Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid. For many years he lived there with his family. The representative arrived at 8 in the morning and twenty minutes after he walked out of the portal, leaving the keys in the lock. At 10:30 hours, the judicial commission has been appearing in the address to proceed to the eviction with the presence of several agents of the Guardia Civil. A locksmith has been in charge of changing the lock and access to the garage.

The house already belongs to Bethlehem Esteban, but that also has made that will bring an infinity of criticism. “You’re a bad person”, you say. However has turned a deaf ear. Today is a happy day for the collaborator. In fact since he’s been with Miguel Marcos all are. However, always be in the spotlight of the media and your own space makes you really nervous.

The contributor has returned to the area, and have had a few words for who should be their representative in the past. “I’m nervous, excited. It has been a long time and a tough situation”, he has told Paz Padilla. The contributor has explained that he has not seen how the residence: “I have not been to the house. I have sent to people of my lawyers, one of my managers…”, has told. According to what they tell you the house is not in good condition. Toño Sanchís has gone, but has left a lot of cleanup work.

According to the Paracuellos the war still has not ended, it has only been closed a chapter. “I knew that today was the day. The thing does not end here because I have a money to collect. I’m going to go to the end. He thought I was not going to do this”– has underlined and has added: “I did what I had to do, what he would have done all over the world“.

Before reaching this situation wanted to reach an agreement with him, but failed. “That lack of money is Belen Esteban, and much, much more than a million euros. Until I spoke with Lorena [la esposa de Toño Sanchís]“he said, and recalled that the process has not been pleasant for his people: “Here pity your family and what is mine?”, has reproached.

“I have a contracture in the neck and come to be here with 400 of sugar”, has revealed. So, has thanked the support he has received from her husband, Miguel Marcos: “I just have to thank my husband, because only he and I know that we have passed”, said excited.

The contributor has not revealed his future plans, but says that the first thing that will happen will be an exclusive with a well-known magazine, so you can pay a year of mortgage and fix the damage.

There are now two opposing forces. Those who defend to death Belén Esteban and that they grieve for the situation of Toño Sanchís. These last have brought to light a photograph with which the representative of artists has laughed. The true physical of tertullian, full of wrinkles.