Who is Cardi B: bio, songs, and instagram


The american rapper Cardi B published Friday, April 6, his first official album Invasion Of Privacy, which, according to the odds, is destined to to debut at the top of the ranking weekly best-selling albums in the United States.

Not even 24 hours later, on Saturday 7 April, during a performance at the Saturday Night Live, has announced that it has in sweet anticipation of her fiance, Offsetrapper of the Migosthe band traps at the beginning of February was squirted into the top of the same rank with the disk Cultures II, where Cardi B appears in the trace Motorsport together with the colleague Nicki Minaj.

But who is Cardi B? Forget the beginnings to Disney Channel stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Miley Cyrusthe ranks of the 25-year-old Belcalis Almanzar (this is the real name) was held in the strip club of New Yorkwhere , around the 2011, the you could find twerkare around a pole suspended on a 16-cm heel.

“Every stripper starts with a goal,” he said in an interview, “they Say all: “Ok, now I have to bare for a bit, i make money, and then I pull out”. But, little by little, come sucked […] I started with the goal to buy a house, and then I don’t know how, from there it all startedI have done the road, being only myself, and now my life has changed completely”.

Grown in the Bronxa member of the gang of Bloods, Cardi B has burned up the stages. In 2013 he started to get noticed on social media, especially Vine and Instagram, where the explicit language and bold, the attitude from the man-eating, fake nails, the fat-assthe sexy dresses and jewellery have suffered due to the have brought together more than 20 million followers: the double of the voters of the party most voted in Italy in the last elections.

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Look at it.

In 2015 has arrived the musical debut on the remix of Boom Boom Shaggy, and in the same year was included in the cast of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York, where – for the reasons mentioned above – has become the star revelation of the sixth edition.


In 2016 and 2017 he has released two mixtapes, Gangsta Bitch Music 1 and 2, and then sign a contract with the Atlantic Records and publish his commercial debut single Bodak Yellow, in whose chorus he sings: “I don’t dance now, I make moves for the money”.

Bodak Yellow, disk the past, often from our Wadhe made his debut at the top of the Billboard Hot 100the USA charts of the best selling singles.

Before her, the only rapper female to have it done with a song solo (without the umbrella) was Lauryn Hill in 1998. Two days ago, the April 9, 2018, the song was certified gold in Italy, too.


In the piece we can hear rapping: “I’m Not concerned with these sluts, don’t let these sluts I disturb, see my photos and say “this is the target, bitch, are those who want to become […] I could relax with your boyfriend, I could have the desire of your man, my cunt looks like a lake, he wants to swim with the face, I’m like, “Okay, I’ll leave that to you to take what he wants, I buy Yves Saint Laurent”.

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Here is the video from half a billion views.

On the 27th of October 2017, in the style of Fedez and Ferragni, the boyfriend of the Offset has made the marriage proposal on the stage of a concert in Philadelphia.

Look at this.

The ring, by the value of half a million dollarsis composed of a diamond-shaped tear to be eight carats surrounded by diamonds, three-carat stones of pink and white.

“It makes me feel good,” said Cardi B, “Even when we argue and I sometimes I wonder if you really love me. Gave me a ring by half a million, I sure loves me.”

Here’s a closer look.

In January 2018 he released the video of Bruno Mars Finesse Remix feat. Cardi B, currently at position 28 of our 30 Songs after 12 weeks from the entrance in the standings.

And after all this planting, for the former stripper is the time of collection. If as predicted the disc gets to debut at number one, it would be the fifth rapper female in history to achieve this milestone after Nicki Minaj, Eve, Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill.

The release of the album was supposed to be in January 2018, but has been postponed to April, when the day after publication, Cardi B has confirmed she is pregnant with Offset. It was a case? Who knows, what is certain is that the smell, and the ease in use of the media is not the lack.

For the announcement of the pregnancy, has chosen an appearance at the Saturday Night Live on the national network NBC: she has sung Be Carefulsong from the album dedicated to her fiance, and wrapped in a white dress that emphasized the belly, pronounced he gave the news of her pregnancy.

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Congratulations social 50 Cent:

In his songs there is the world of Cardi B: a world in which women are warriors, men if the damage to the legs, just cross them, and the success it has with the rustling of dollars, and the reflection of the precious stones.

Remembering his childhood dreams, tells: “I grew up in a normal family, my parents had a regular job, the poor, are beautiful people. Is the company to be ugly. I liked what I saw, I wanted to be a part of it, be there, too. I wanted to do something to take me money. A lot of money. Lots of money”.

Alessandro Minissi is on Instagram.

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