7, the technique of the plea bargain, the sentence to the right


That’s a pretty good deal

A high proportion of don’t speak is always a good deal. Many times, the price of the home is based, in general, very exaggerated, the recommended retail price (RRP) of the manufacturer, so that the discount seems particularly large. In fact, with other dealers offering the device, but a lot of times, the same or even cheaper price. In the Tech book, and so, it is only a bargain in comparison to actually offer you the best price from all the dealers.

The other criterion is the quality of the product. Real bargain, too, must be good for something. On a tech book that shows only those items that you are convinced that a large number of users, in terms of equipment and operation, or for those who have tested it in the editor now, and it has to be found.

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This technique is particularly effective in a Stand of 06. In March, At 14:40)

Apple AirPods 2 to 166 Euro Of 129 € (-22%)

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods 2. Gen
Photo: Apple

The AirPods and 2. The generation of no appear to be the best you that you can get in this price range, the headphones impress you with its amazing user-friendliness for users of the iPhone. The case is open, it on your iPhone, confirm it, done it. Once you have logged in, the AirPods, with the most stable connection, you can get it with a Bluetooth headset. In addition to this, all the cards work independently of each other, so you can just use a Headphone jack, and the other is the shop. The operation is carried out via the Touch surfaces on both sides of it, the music is paused when Headphones are removed and the ears. For the life of the battery, that is, when you listen to the music during a five-hour-per-plug, and you will be able to extend the Reload of the box, loading up to 24 hours. Again at the 2. The generation of the H1 Chip from Apple, thanks to Siri, we now also directly by means of a voice command can be activated. In addition, the battery pack keeps you to make voice calls is now three instead of two hours.

A Version with wireless charging that is available in the stores of Vodafone for quite cheap at 129 euros. In order to even beat the current offer at Lidl, umal, the Case should be transferred to the load.

The current technology offers from Lidl a while?

ASUS wireless AC Repeater (RP-AC66) to 67 € 45 € (-33%)

ASUS PR-AC66 Wi-Fi Repeater
Photo by: ASUS

The free Wi-Fi internet access, and a reception in your own home, you must leave a lot to be desired, it is recommended that you purchase from a Wi-Fi repeater. This increases the range of the signal, and to provide, in a majority of cases, it is the last corner of the apartment, and free Wi-Fi is free of charge. The Hardware giant, Asus is offering, in addition to the word processors or Laptops, even repeaters, with a very good Performance to Shine through. This is not the Way of the G-AC66 is currently at 45 euros instead of 67 euros.

EUROtronic Comet is ACTIVATED and the AVM Fritz!The box for the 72 € For 55 Euro (-24%)

EUROtronic Comet is ACTIVATED

In The Cyber-Door [Anzeige] there is such a provision in both the smart Fritz!ACTIVATED and switches, which can easily be added to the radiator to mount it. The temperature of the room can be remote-controlled or time periods that are laid down in the warm-up should be. The control of the thermostat is just on the Fritz!Box or Fritz!App. In the Package, there is free shipping for only 55 Euros. The next comparison is of the price is just 20 Euros, plus about 72 euros).

JBL Harmony 560BT to 49 Euro 29 (-41%)

Photo by: JBL

After a solid Pair of wireless headphones to an addiction, the Tune560BT the JBL’s at the Mediamarkt [Anzeige] for a closer look. The headphones are connected via Bluetooth to a Smartphone, and don’t use it, thanks to the double arnieren can disappear easily into a pocket. The JBL’s typical sound with dynamic 32mm drivers that deliver. A particularly user-friendly, the use of the use of the voice assistant. Users are able to connect to Siri or Google Assistant, without the need for the use of the phone. The length of the 300-mAh battery, with screen, with a 16-hour, more than reasonable.

Eufy RoboVac for the 11s 200 Euro 160, – € (-20%)

Eufy RoboVac 11S
Photo: Eufy

The spring cleaning is around the corner and we are looking for support, might be this thing to find out. Because the robot vacuum cleaner Robovac 11S for Eufy sucks, cleans, and reloads it automatically. Currently, up to 8. In march, it is directly from the manufacturer, Eufy for 159,99 Euro online. So far, Eufy offers several models of its robotic vacuum products, discount vouchers, at a discount of as much as 50 Euros (with the discount coupon code RV11SDE).

Satechi Slim Type C-Multi-Port adapter V2-dock-ST-SCMA2M to 65 € 50 Euros (-23%)

Satechi Slim Type C-Multi-Port Adapter V2
Picture: Satechi

Practical, this small USB Hub expands your Laptop computer to a MicroSD memory card slot, an SD card slot, USB-C, 4K-HDMI, and two USB-A connectors. Well, Sticks and memory cards can be plugged in, in addition to additional USB devices such as mouse and keyboard. For the selection of the com port, three USB 2.0 Ports, and size, as well as a Slot for an SD card, MicroSD, M2 memory card, and memory card. The USB-C port on the adapter, the device can be charged while the other ports on the adapter you are using. The images can be transferred at up to 104 MB/s, and the Videos that you download and the data that is stored in it. In using the 4K HDMI port on the Laptop, it’s quick and easy, with an lcd Monitor.

The Docking Station costs in Technology, currently 70 euros, including shipping costs, and it is a minimum on the price of the competition. In the case of payment by credit card, but there is a discount in the amount of 20 Euros), according to which the Multi-Port Adapter is a bargain.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 double pack 108 € 80 € (-26%)

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
Photo By: Ultimate Ears

The wonder of the boom 2 is the second Generation of the smallest Bluetooth on the Box by the manufacturer in Switzerland and the Ultimate Ears (Logitech). Because of its size, it delivers impressive full-range Sound, and is very Serious. The two 40 mm to ensure the active driver, and two-46.1 mm x 65.2 mm passive radiators. Back to the Exterior in such a way, that it is tailor-made according to the Ultimate Ears, for outdoor environments, and still more of the volume is to be created. The wonder of the boom 2 can be up to 13 hours of standing up, before you run out of air. Like the predecessor, it is waterproof according to IP67, this time, the case has received, however, with a certification for dust and debris protection. Also, in the “Double-Up” so that it is available once again, with the two of them Wonderboom, one of the 2 together…. Again, the Truth is-Wireless-music-Stereo-in function, thanks to the music box in stereo, you can take it here. Unfortunately, it’s a wonder the boom 2, the use of a Micro-USB Port for Charging USB-C would have been correct.

A little less than 80 Euros, including shipping, for a wonder, boom, 2 in a twin-pack requires cyber-port [Anzeige] and, Check24, this week is a pretty good deal. Individually, in Mini-cartons for a cost of around 54 euros.

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What you need to know about the deal yet

Be careful when you buy it is also possible to transport costs, the plan is still to come on the price of your purchase. Not all merchants will offer free shipping.

Often times there are deals with other retailers, especially Amazon reviews of the market continuously, and adjusts the prices of its products from the competition. This also works Vice-versa. If you find a reasonable price on the Internet in contrast to your local dealer and ask for the same discount. Especially in the case of a large market for electronics, this is a promising start. As soon as you save the shipping. In addition to this, it is worthwhile to take prior to you buy on your own a comparison site, such as Idealo.de* or you can Geizhals.de and, look, if you can use it anytime, but it’s still cheaper at the other place.

The show: this is the even more of a bargain for electronics, the Amazon

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