Angelina Jolie career, selects, and instructs the children of Brad Pitt


Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt have divorce in april of this year, but there is still much to do, to come to an agreement on certain terms and conditions of the separation, primarily the children at the time of the mother are entrusted with Pitt, you can login only in the presence of a psycho.
Between the two is not good blood runs with the Jolie, the indictment of the ex-husband of her ruined careerwhile he accepted that roles are becoming more and more important that you were away from home, for months, she is due to stay at home with the children, because they felt neglected by both parents.

So, while Brad stood in the flight, knowing that so much for the children would take care of the woman, she was forced to refuse an important role until the phone stopped ringing. But now everything decides to go and fight, to be known as actress and not only as the mother of a large multi-cultural family. According to the “Sun“the actress is ready to say that the main role in the thriller “Who Who Wish Me Dead”, the shooting of which will keep committed for the whole summer.

Jolie, who did not want to let the children in the care of strangers as he revealed the tabloid English insider torque “he called Brad to ask him to take care of the children, and Brad is in seventh heaven! Not regardless of any role is, whether he give up his priority now it is lost again in the intimacy with his children, while Angelina’s career is quite clear“.

If you are back box office success-as before-in the evening, is difficult to understand how the two organize, with the children, also, because, as he says the insider, “over a period of time Brad Pitt away from the set do not stay“especially now that “see l’age forward and wants to try the map of the sex-symbol, until you can, before they maybe behind the camera“.

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