Angelina Jolie on the red carpet of Maleficent 2: The children and the Ghost of the bad girl was


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Angelina Jolie brought the kids on the red carpet Maleficent: Master of Evil in Los Angeles. And showed her the back. This back, engraved with his past of bad girl… photos LaPresse

Take a LOOK at THE PHOTOS a little further below. Mama hen Angelina Jolie and his children. There are all except Maddox, the largest in Korea at the University of. On the appeal to respond, rather than Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. All around her, hugged her (she has long arms…) on the red carpet Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. The sequel to the… One of us comes on 17 October, as Maleficent: the woman of Evil.

Now look at the picture above. The back of Angelina Jolie in the foreground. Same situation, red carpet, location. Los Angeles. The link with his past is… Brad Pitt. Pre children. Back to Angelina Jolie teen girl hollywood series a) Cursed be…

Forget for a moment on the red carpet, and Brangelina. If Brad Pitt and Angie came and more than abbracciarsi you avvinghiavano one inside the other. Beautiful. Sexyssimi. Accomplices. Lovers in front of our eyes…

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Los Angeles, red carpet Maleficent 2. Angelina Jolie (44 years old) and their children Pax, (15), Shiloh (13), Vivienne (11), Zahara (14) and Knox (11). Photo LaPresse

From the red carpet Dumbo with this Maleficent 2Angie comes in front of the photographer with the whole gang of orphan children and the nature. In the first, the engraved yet Jolie and Pitt. But if you embraces you all with his arms, only his. Unite against the “enemy,” in front of rails for us. Well, maybe the two are on the target of a divorce, even “peaceful,” the eyes are other…

The words of the mother. The first “used” the red carpet launch-news of the war, the ex-partner. And now look at yourself. If you are the same time. He had already said it, if it is to be said by the use of another red carpet for us had how you talk about sex with the children. And especially to the daughters. If he confessed to yourself and to your mother… Now he has us, a different thing.

In Parallel with the red carpet Maleficent-2 a interview in given Hello! told that you see how his teenage kids, the turn in front of the strange effect, back in time. When a teenager, she was…

A teenager, dark. Punk. Even more. When she won the Oscar Girl interrupted someone said that it was easy for you. Why she was “crazy” really is his Lisa, girls-bolt-gears a psychiatric hospital, as the Who flew over the cuckoo’s nest. But the first movies of Angie, told you. Hackers with your punkissima. Already with her in the role of the top model drogatissima Gia Gia. Hell’s Kitchen with her vengeful blonde, which so instructs a killer… And then videos with Meat Leaf, certainly not a good boy of the music from this time..

In life, in those years, fought with the father, Jon Voight. For years not spoken, if not in the sidereal distance. Angie loved the mother, the ex-actress and groupies March line. And dear brother James Haven. With the, told, tragliuzzavano the body to each other. And she kissed him, like the one below… With the second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, there was the legend of the ampollina range as a pendant around the neck. With a few drops of the blood of the other. As a pledge of love…

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie and James Haven his brother… He pulls the Golden Globe, the one you just won Girl interrupted: and you kiss… Is January 2000. Photo Getty Images

Now we know that on the red carpet Maleficent 2 and when he grew up his children, Angie thinks of everything. To punk bad girl. Self teen already beautiful and torment are recommended. “If you can’t your children, is to you the same thinking as back then”. The funniest thing is that traveling back in time, Angie admits the return to old habits: “I see you go to the club and punk and I wonder why I can’t go there I“.

Back to the bad girl… the Angie once upon a time…