Apple launches repair program for Apple iPad Air with black screen error


apple ipad mini 4The owner of a iPad Air 3’s. The generation may be struggling to deal with Apple, up with an unexpected Blemish. According to the company, with a limited number of devices, but in certain circumstances, to display just a blank screen. Just before this, the screen will flicker, start to light, bright. The reason for the Default, Apple has, however, left out in the open.

The manufacturer promises in the event of a Default, quick help, once you have set up a programme of assistance to the Problem of life. Affected devices were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. The owners, struggling with a blank canvas, you can drop off your device free of charge at an Apple Store or an Apple authorized Service Provider for repair.

It is not clear at the moment, many devices are actually affected by this Issue. In addition to this, Apple did not reveal which component is to be replaced during the repair process. Thus, the error can be in the video, as well as on the skin of the Board. In any case, the repair should be free, but only for two years after the initial sale of the iPad Air 3’s. To-generation. Thus, the program is executed on the 18th. In march of 2021, and after that, the bug will not be fixed for free by Apple.