Ariana Grande and the effects of post traumatic stress disorder on his brain

Ariana Grande continue to deal with that terrible episode that has devastated his life and that of many fans in may of 2017. At the end of a concert artist in Manchester, in fact, a violent explosion caused by a kamikaze attackit provoked the death of 22 people including children under the age of 16. The tragedy has caused the singer a post traumatic stress disorder.

The pictures shared with the fans

In the Instagram Stories, Ariana Grande has posted the shots to show the effects of post traumatic stress disorder on his brain. He has put the image of a healthy brain to that of his. Then commented: “It’s terrible, it’s not a joke”. At the sight of the photo, its many fans were concerned for her.

Ariana Grande calls on fans to take care of their body

Ariana Grande has posted a long post in the Instagram Stories, through which he explained that it was not his intention to frighten those who the following. On the contrary, his intent was to convince the fan to undergo periodic inspections and to take care of their body. Assured that she is doing and when he is better, you will take the time to talk with them along this long journey of recovery:

“I didn’t mean to scare anyone by showing my brain. The image struck me. I found it informative and interesting and I would like to encourage you to make sure you do a check on your brain, listen to your body and take care of yourself. I love science and seeing the physical reality of what is happening has been incredible for me. I felt this constantly, but seeing it is completely different. One day, when I’ll feel ready, or when I get better, we can talk about it. I am constantly working on my health and I’m learning how to deal with the pain. Every day is different, but I’m doing my best. I will continue to give it all the energy I can and do my best even if my brain seems to be a map of the world. I love you”.