Ariana Grande remembers Mac Miller


In many, entering at the Times Union Center of Albany, they asked if and in which way Ariana Grande he paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died tragically last September. In the date of onset of his Sweeeter World Tour, the american singer has satisfied immediately curiosity of his fans: before the concert, in fact, the speakers of the house have played the songs of the rapper of Pittsburgh, who attended the colleague from 2016 at the last may.

Ariana, although he preferred to not to say the name of Mac Miller, he opened the show with “Raindrops (an angel cried)”a song that has the taste of dedication. The short textin fact, says: “When raindrops fell down from the sky/ The day you left me an angel cried“(i.e. “when the drops of rain fall from the sky / the day that you left mean angel cried). A tribute clear enoughthat touched the hearts of the fans and kicked off the new tour the worst of Boca Raton.

The Sweeetener World Tour cross United States and Canadathen you will get married in Europefor a total of over 70 appointments. A journey that has the flavor of the rebirth for Ariana, struck in the last two years by a series of the tragic events: firstly, the terrorist attack during his concert in Manchester that resulted in 22 deaths, then the sudden disappearance of Mac Miller, which has upset again, his life just when he seemed to have found a balance with Pete Davidson.

Nothing to do, Ariana closed the report with american comedian and started again: “I’m trying to go back to my normal lifebut it is not easy. I feel tired,” he wrote on Twitter a few months ago. “I would just like to a day of peace“. A period of break – even his staff he declares the opposite – in reality it has arrived: the artist has jumped headfirst into the musicworking every day without rest and is now ready for a new great international tour.

In I remember Mac Miller, of course.


Ariana Grande and the memory of Mac Miller


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