Ariana Grande, the error japanese tattoo: meaning embarrassing


Ariana Grande has posted on Instagram a photo to show off the new tattoo which is made on the palm of the hand. It is an ideogram of the japanese who, according to his expectations, he wanted to say “7 rings“ as the title of his latest single.

The tattoo, however, has an entirely different meaning, would in fact mean a “grid for barbecue”. Were the japanese fans to get out of the error, the tattoo means shichirin, a small grill for the barbecue japanese. Translated into English the “BBQ Grill”.

Realized the mistake, the singer quickly removed the photo. On Twitter, however, users have left messages: “Ari we want you super well, but we can’t really stop laughing especially because you’re a vegetarian convinced”. And yet “Never get tattoos using the Google translator”

“Ariana has made a tattoo translating bad japanese by Google, and is the response of the karma when you try to use another culture as an accessory,” writes a user. “Imagine you tatuarti a grid from a barbecue on the hand” writes another.