Brad Pitt, spend the summer in Los Angeles with the kids


Small step forward in the history (already) endless post-divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, at least the way it seems. The actress would have agreed to leave the six children in the holiday with the ex-husband, in the summer, you will be obliged, in New Mexico, the filming of a new movie project. According to a source cited The Sunthe Jolie was would be to ask, Pitt, and care of the children, Maddox, 17-years-old, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 10.

“Angelina changes in the summer to film Who Whis Me Dead (a thriller in space, in the year 2020 ndr), then contacted Brad and offered him the opportunity to take care of children“revealed the insider to the tabloid. For the former pair of Golden Hollywood, the war has come to finally put in the time to resolution? “This is a big step for you and the kids only spent a limited time with the father since the separation,” added the insider and revealed some more details about the organization of home Pitt for the next few weeks.

The children,in Los Angeles with the father also invited are parents, Jane and William, in order to ensure that the time granted, in the family, with grandparents. “Brad is in seventh heaven” continued the source, and it can not be different from the rest not a lot of time alone with his boys without any pressure on the social workers and the monitoring of Jolie, who in the time immediately after the divorce had done everything to prevent any contact, complicit in the problems of alcoholism for him and an alleged slap in the face, the damage to the eldest son, Maddox.

The agreement in the summer between the two comes after the ultimatum, that Pitt would submit to the former, intimandole signatures, a divorce, a move that delayed a long time, so that the judges responsible for the final everything, John Ouderkirk, was the last oral proceedings on 31. October 2019. The Brangelinatoday are no longer officially married, even if the divorce agreement has not yet been defined. Decided, a court of California to which they were determined to get back to their status as single.

The two actors got married in the year 2014 in France and the announcement of the separation came as a bolt from the blue, only two years. Conosciutisi on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smithin 2005, for the years one of the couples were admired more, and the envy of Hollywood. Something, but in the end, they went in the right direction. Single-catch-up-to-civil-a report, also for the welfare of the children. And the first results are in (finally).


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