Cardi B harassed by a photographer: he showed his penis during a photo shoot


Also Cardi B at the beginning of his career has been a sexual harassmentduring one shootingthe photographer he showed her the penis. The rapper has told the story during the program Untold Stories of Hip Hop: “I will never forget when I went to do a photo shoot for a magazine he said the photographer tried again to approach me, saying ‘Ah, then do you want to appear on this magazine?’. Then suddenly, he pulled out his penis and I went on a rampage. But the most absurd thing – continued – is that after I went to report it to the director of the magazine, and he looked at me as if to say ‘And then?’”.

For Cardi B all women can become victims of this type of harassment, not only the actresses or the singers: “When I think of the movement #MeToo – he said again – I realize that there are girls that have undergone the same treatment. Unfortunately, it happened to all”.

Today, Cardi B is a singer well-known, and has no more fear of the potential offenders: “If I’m afraid? Heck, no! he explained if someone were to approach you, I would put it on my Instagram!”.