Daniel Craig laughs about the delay of ‘No time to die’ and premiered an advance on ‘Saturday Night Live’


To bad time good face. That is the motto of Daniel Craig since it was announced that the premiere of his latest film as James Bond delayed its debut seven months, until November 2020. The british actor has presented the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ during the evening of march 7 and has taken advantage of the opportunity to laugh at the bad luck that has suffered ‘No time to die” in the face of its premiere.

“You may have heard that the release of the film is lagging behind due to problems of public health”, said the actor. But this scene is my favorite, and the producers have been kind enough to allow me to show it tonight, so let’s take a look.

Your particular way to deal with such news has been doing a parody of his own character. In the sequence the spy is found with a woman, played by Chloe Fineman, in a casino (probably a reference to ‘Casino Royale’).

At the beginning of the video the picture is perfectly credible until the Bond begins a game of dice and your excitement exceeds more than usual in the character. Even so, the situation finally, it is very believable when you order your classic martini commanded the waiter to bring you a vodka and Redbull in a pint glass. Definitely this is not our Bond.

“From now on I’m going to call Simba because I am the king of the jungle” and “I have an announcement to make: I’m dizzy” are two of the phrases most iconic in this video, both chanted by the rest of the present characters. One way or another, what is clear is that we’ll have to wait until next fall to see how much of this new James Bond is in ‘No Time To Die’.

'Daniel Craig and Chloe Fineman'

This is not the first time

It is the second occasion in which Daniel Craig presents ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the history of the program. The first was in 2012 for the premiere of ‘Casino Royale’where he also performed numerous skits, getting involved with the character of the british spy.

At that time the most popular video was that the actor starred in a parody on the girls Bond where also involved Kate McKinnon and Nasim Pedrad as possible interests of love of the protagonist, despite the fact that his characterization didn’t seem too much to the stereotype of Bond girl that we met in the previous installments.