Devastating. And is Bertin Osborne. A part of Spain in shock. Last time


bertin osborne cries

07 of march 2020
(11:38 CET)

Bertin Osborne comes out of a controversy and put it in another. I say that who has a mouth makes a mistake, but in the case of the presenter is very sure of his words. At least it says so very convincing, although the majority of the population, something more advanced, it creates that are out of place. The singer of rancheras has now a lot of free time after the cancellation of My house is yours by the disastrous hearings. For this reason take advantage to get into the gardens and the news every day.

Last week Bertin Osborne is positioned with respect to the issue of sexual abuse of Plácido Domingo. The tenor was in charge of all the accusations that descandenó in the cancellation of most of their concerts. The presenter defended with statements that are not exempt of controversy. “I don’t know who it will be advised to do so, but it seems to me that it is out of place.” “That’s in the past. Now that is one thing that no one should not speak of that subject”, said the presenter of ‘My house is yours’, adding that someone took “the decision of fucked life” the artist on the grounds that says to ignore.

Bertin Osborne with Juan Carlos I

He has now played to defend the king Juan Carlos I after going out to the public light of new research that accuses him of hiding 100 million euros. “He is a man who has done a lot more for Spain, for the development of the country, although it may have some negative connotation. Any person can be wrong, can they?”, has declared Digital Freedom during the lunch of the Rock journalism The fourth Power in the restaurant Casa Lucio in Madrid.

“Don Juan Carlos has been the best public relations that we’ve had for 40 years. Health is a little cascadete, go a little bad mobility, though it is recovering”claimed Osborne. The presenter ensures that, on one occasion asked her to come to My home is yours and it has not been ruled out: “I have spoken with His Majesty, and maybe one day we will.”