Devastating. Don Andrea de Janeiro banned! Get this. “Jesulín de Ubrique knew everything”. Pump


March 08, 2020
(12:14 CET)

Related news Fran Alvarez continue giving that talk almost a week after his tragic death. The ex-husband of Bethlehem Estebanfalleció last Sunday, 9th of February. The young man went to his place of work. A colleague insisted on calling you, but not picked up the phone. Then he decided to get closer to his home in la Elipa and found him lying on the bed without life.

The program Viva la vida was the first that made echo of the news. Up until the last moment Fran and his family had to feel the harassment of the cameras so little they liked it. Is the price they paid for marrying one of the faces most popular of Telecinco.

Fran Alvarez shared his life with Belen Esteban from 2008 until 2013. Although they were very happy to be separated because being together was like a time bomb about to explode. Not done right or one to the other. During those years, Andrea de Janeiro was small and the waiter was a father to her. Was very good with the small. In fact it has been said that the daughter of Belén Esteban will save a great affection.

Fran Alvarez and Andrea Janeiro

Despite this, Andrea de Janeiro was not to say goodbye to Fran Álvarez. Andrea was 2,000 miles awayin London. Now that she already has an age and the responsibility falls upon you, all the media expected that he would come to Madrid. However, she preferred to be in the O2 Arena to attend the concert of his idol, the singer Justin Bieber. And is that the canadian takes years section of the music. This event is only attended by their fans and the entrance is no more than 20 euros. In addition, Andrea was one of the fortunate few who was able to ask to your idol as if it was in a press conference.

Many have seen this gesture as a great betrayal on the part of the daughter of Esteban, with Fran Alvarez had a great relationship, all of this despite the ending bittersweet, which had his marriage with the of Paracuellos. “Repulsive”, “that evil has been”, write.

According to sources close to the family, and wished not to come to Belén Esteban that it should not be a media frenzy. And so it has been. However there would have been no problem on the part of the family. “Bethlehem is not the expected. If I had come been understood as a provocation, but the family of Fran is wonderful and had dealt with a lot of education and respect.”

In turn, the family has been a real disappointment because Andrea Janeiro if that is the expected, at least at the funeral or the mass. Or that is what was said in the first place. After nearly a month of his death has now come to light the whole truth. The family does not support Belén Esteban or his family.

The family of Fran Alvarez did not want to produce a great stir. In fact they hurt when the cameras recorded even as the funeral service drew the lifeless body of the bartender of your home. The father tried to cover with a jacket. Apparently Belén Esteban and Andrea de Janeiro were not the ones who decided not to go to the morgue or to the mass later. It was an express wish of the family. The brothers Fran did not want to be in the act.

Belén Esteban does not matter that the vetasen. Who else went to the event were the friends and great support from the partner and Aurelio Manzano.