Devastating. The leg of Maria Patiño without Photoshop frightens Spain. Look at the picture (and takes hours)


March 08, 2020
(11:27 CET)

María Patiño does not hide and speak out of their touch-ups, in addition has caught the taste and not get tired. Works in front of the cameras and wants to be radiant. To her long list of aesthetic touches added one more. The partner of Save me has already made it clear that I love the aesthetic operations, although it usually is subjected to small tweaks that do not require surgical intervention or hospital admission.

the presenter Socialite she loves to look good and be great. Fight against the passage of the age and know that millions of people see it every day. Be exposed to the public constantly has its consequences. All forms also have the negative part. Many of his followers tell him. The skin has a cap. María Patiño has been done so many tweaks that already “seems to lie”. Even some of the opinion in the comments of his Instagram that gives to fear.

The partner is insulted every time you post a new photo on his Instagram. Sometimes by their calluses on the feet, your nail without the fix, its extensions, or some stains on your skin. The journalist has many detractors and were hiding in the anonymity of the same to charge against Patino.

“What is very, but very bad to the Patiño is the clothing short because the legs are very ugly with those lumps in the back in a woman are feísimos” or “a leg full of varicose veins”. But what is most repeated in your comments is a mania of the also host: “You touch your hair non-stop”, “do Not touch both the hair”, “What a mania with the hair,” “I put nervous all the time, to feel the hair”, are the comments you receive.

When, on occasion, choose short skirts or dresses you can see the lumps of his followers to speak, very possibly caused by varíces. It seems that they are the garments most commonly used by Patiño despite the criticism that constantly receives. “The legs denote your age,” they write. “You can’t hide it more” or “close”.