Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Meals essential to download it

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March 08, 2020
(09:26 CET)

The cholesterol it is a substance quite similar to fat, which is housed in our body. This substance is necessary for the production of hormones and other elements involved in the process of digest food. However, there is high cholesterol or bad, also known as LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein).

There are several causes for high cholesterol appears, as having inherited this condition, have food habits and bad smoking. In addition, you can increase the risk of ascending when you are growing older and are overweight. It is present in the blood, because that is one of the two major lipids that make it up, the problem appears when there are excess fatty deposits in the blood vessels.

The HDL (High-Density lipoprotein) can be ordered to remove the waxy substances which have accumulated in the arteries, for this reason it is advisable to have it stable, but if the LDL is very high, it can be a very difficult.

The consequences in the worst cases are: obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery, heart attacks and strokes.

Foods to lower high cholesterol or LDL

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This disease has no cure, however, it can maintain regulated if you follow a series of healthy habits. The exercise helps a lotestimated one hour per day with routines of cardio. The food to consume must contain: Polyunsaturated Fatty acids, plant Stanols, plant Sterols and Anthocyanins. The above to help avoid the accumulation of these substances unfavorable to the level of the intestine.

Follow a mediterranean diet, which, according to what they recommended FHF consists of: Vegetables, fish, olive oil, vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, and poultry. Must be dismissed or, in its defect, minimize the salt and sugar, as well as get away from the red meat, canned foods, sausages and fried foods.

The avocado it is a fruit very effective, since it has high deposits of plant Stanols and Sterols, which help to a better intestinal absorption of cholesterol high.