Ergonomic keyboard for 119.99 Euro


Logitech has introduced the Ego, K860, a new keyboard, and to resolve, by means of its ergonomic Design, from the pabulum. So, you have focused on the conception of scientific knowledge, in order to ensure you a comfortable wear. For example, the price is a bit higher than that, at 0815 models. Ergo K860 costs 119.99€.

The keyboard is designed to alleviate the wrist and a relaxed writing position. The curved wrist support with a Pillow to rest on in the arms, just above the keyboard. This will also reduce the bending of the wrist by about 25%. The adjustable wrist support is put on the wrists in a natural position, even if the Support is missing.

In addition to this, in the corner of the field is expected to contribute to the ergonomics of the work environment. The computer and the keyboard are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth LE, and with the help of a USB dongle. On the keyboard, it also supports Logitech’s Flow, which you can then use the Software from the company. Thus, the data from the various devices to sync, so, for example, on different computers, a lap with the same settings and the same input-handle device.

In trading on the new keyboard, the Logitech Ergo K860 from any of the 9’s. Up To March, 2020. The Logitech, on the other, in the order that it is possible now. The price is 119.99 euros.