¡Fight! Carmen Borrego and Terelu Fields to kill! Get this. Last hour pump


Carmen Borrego, Terelu Campos and María Teresa Campos at Telemadrid

March 08, 2020
(16:19 CET)

The end of the relationship between the journalist María Teresa Campos and the humorist Mustache Arrocet remains a horse of battle very badly led by the near environment of both as we have seen in the last few months.

In fact, even a side as the one of the Fields it seems that there is an internal war quite large despite being the two to stop with their mother in recent months that he has needed help to cope with the breakup.

And is that Carmen Borrego and Terelu Fields it seems that are very far from getting along and each one is addressing the issue in a very different way.

María Teresa Campos and Gustavo

Attack the daughter of a Moustache Arrocet

Gabriela Arrocetthe daughter of humorist, shot with bullet against the sisters Fields, noting that they had been guilty of the break-up, something that showed the distance between the two sisters.

While Carmen Borrego he attacked the jugular vein to answer: “it strikes Me that put your hands in the fire, ensuring that their father is not a man of cheating when she is the daughter of an infidelity of Edmund,” he said.

Meanwhile, Terelu Fields released a terse: “I’m Not going to feed any of that”.

Belen Rodriguez and Carmen Borrego

Different visions

Even in your point of view in terms of Edmundo Arrocet also seems to differ and has been able to see Terelu Fields he has even gone as far as to defend the figure of the comedian, with messages such as “couples are no longer. You can end the relationship in a better way, wonderfully, very feamente. There have to throw it to the ground a person, to me it doesn’t seem fair”.

While the opinion of Carmen Borrego is much more belligerent about it: “If I get to have before Edmund lo mato“.