I Look bomb! Only Natti Natasha would dare to go as well. Look at the photo!


The hours Natti Natasha dedicated to get in shape in the gym are indisputable. Because the physical looks of the singer Latin in the publications that you upload to Instagram, or the one that shows on the stage in its many and multitudinous performances not achieved by magic.

The celebrity of the Dominican Republic strives to the maximum in your exercise sessions. All this always under the advice of their personal trainers, which the guide so that you can continue bragging type.

The efforts of Natti Natasha by look divine

A few sacrifices that accompanied the making in their food. Natti designs along with their nutritionists a healthy and balanced diet which respects the maximum. All in pro of to be able to continue boasting of physical.

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha

Some suggest that part of its charm is the must to the plastic surgeon. And I must say that part of the reason they have, they are not a secret in their footsteps under the knife to undergo sessions of a scalpel.

And also there are some who point out that on many occasions strip Photoshop for photos that you upload to your account of Instagram. Suspect that to perfection, which shows in many occasions it is due to the tools of digital touch-ups.

And that may be true. But also, what is that to Natasha not missing much Photoshop to be able to show a physical, dramatic and powerful.

The look pump Natti Natasha

Proof of this is the picture that we share below, published in the account of one of their fans, which has not been retouched by Natasha nor by anyone else.

A snapshot in which the central american poses with a little pump, one of those suggestive, but they leave nothing to the view that the fact that we are facing one of the it girls more sensual on the international scene.