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In the past year, Philips has announced Hue, which, with the Support of the Bridge is the Original v1 (1. The generation set. Now, the company is once again reminded of what it’s going to be by the end of April, 2020, in order to measure up.

The Philips Hue reminding: Support for the Bridge 1. The generation ends in April

The Smart product, the Philips Hue is it most likely that most of you are familiar with. In addition to the countless light bulbs and fixtures, which offer the company, there are now push buttons, motion detectors, as well as co. For the operation of the network devices, it was originally a Bridge of round 1. Generation, the of. It’s been a couple of years ago, a square-Bridge 2. Generation it replaced. The Bridge is v2 ensures that the Philips ‘ ability to integrate the Hue into HomeKit.

While a lot of users, the second is a Bridge from one Generation to the usage, there are, on the other hand, are, of course, is that some of you will still put on the Original Bridge. Tweet the Philips Hue once again reminded of the fact that the 30.04.2020 the Support of the Bridge to the v1 end.

However, it is the Original Bridge, after the closing date to continue the use of, such as Philips ‘ Hue, it explains in a Support document

In accordance with the 30’s. To April 2020 there are no software updates for the Hue Bridge is Version 1, available, and compatible with any of our Online services will be shut down. The Hue Bridge is Version 1, it can only be to the Philips Hue Bridge is Version 1 of the App is controlled on-premises.

In short, The Online Services are covered, and in the future, there is no security, interoperability, and quality-of-updates-of-Darkness-Bridge to v1 more.