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Don't look up, Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was defined “the young and talented actress of America”, and it is easy to guess why. She has been working for years in the show business and has excellent behind countless films and has been nominated for the most prestigious international awards and an Oscar with won with only 22 years of age The Positive Side. Actress, but also active in the social, Jennifer Lawrence of attracting an audience purely juvenile, that the idolaters, since the times Hunger Games and the sequel is for his character to open (maybe), but real and true, prove many times as you mortal to us – ‘famous’ its fines during the Oscar night.

Jennifer Lawrence: from Kentucky to Hollywood, the rise of an actress discovered by case

Jennifer Lawrence was in Louisville, Kentucky, the 15. august 1990. His parents are Karen cook and Gary Lawrence, the latter at the head of a construction firm, Lawrence & Associates. Already as a toddler, shows that you have a great passion for acting, the theatre in the school.

Jennifer Lawrence
A young Jennifer Lawrence in the year 2008

Left his studies prematurely, when he was only 14 years old, and convinced the parents with her to New York to find an agent. Just on this occasion, Jennifer Lawrence has been noticed asked on the street by an unknown, what are the parents to make a photo with the girl, and let her rely on, contact with his mother. On the day after the future Oscar-the call for a trial of the body came. Later, he graduated from Kammerer Middle School in Louisville and then lock by means of education at home in Los Angeles. His career began with the tv series The Bill Engvall Show, broadcast from 2007 to 2009 on TBS. In these years a guest star in another show with is debut on the big screen The Poker House and Garden Party.

Jennifer Lawrence, the world-wide success: the marcello Mastroianni prize, and the Hunger Games saga

2008 is the year The Burning Plain – The limit of lonelinessmovies of Guillermo Arriaga, the award will price at the International film festival of Venice with the marcello-Mastroianni -. The international success comes two years later A cold winter: in the role of protagonist Ree Dolly to the attention of audiences and critics, draws, and won his first Oscar. The star is involved in a different film: Like Crazy a Beaver with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, both from the year 2011 and, most recently, in the horror Hates – House at the End of the Street.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from ” the Hunger Games

In 2012, the Lawrence-mania: the actress agrees, and the film Hunger Gamesbased on the novel by Suzanne Collins. The triumph at the box office, and the praise of critics have crowned Jennifer Lawrence as a heroine of action film.

Jennifer Lawrence: by winning the Oscar for X-Men

In the same year, he begins a long cooperation with David O. Russellthe protagonist, along with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, the film The positive side. In the role of grumpy, but sensual Tiffany wins the Golden Globe, the Oscar and a number of other awards. The Director wants to re – American Hustle – looks can be deceiving (2013), by tapping on the screen, the same team that had led him to the victory from the previous year. The Lawrence will be live again from Russell Joy To bring (2015) home the Golden Globe and the fourth nomination for the Oscar.

Jennifer Lawrence
A scene from The positive side

Not only is the Hunger Games; Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Mystique in the new trilogy/prequel to the X-Men. As at the time of the dystopian saga, also for the interpretation of the mutant, the actress, is subject to a strict diet and a lot of training, since in many scenes X-Men – The beginning you say completely naked.

Jennifer Lawrence: the maturation, the criticism and the confidentiality of private

In the last few years, the Lawrence film tested genres, do not always have the desired results. In Passengers (2016) he played on the side of Chris Pratt in a sci-Fi movie that is not good consent on the part of the criticism. The next year in the controversial mother! from Darren Aronofsky, a film visually violent crimes, has not declared the actress that you will want to repeat, ever. In a scene of intense star went to the hyperventilation, and a rib is located. This year, Jennifer Lawrence is back in collaboration with Francis Lawrence, that he directly in the Hunger Games saga, this time for Red Sparrow, where bears the role of a seductress Russian spy, a role that did not like, so really the criticism.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence with Director Darren Aronofsky on the set and mother!

In the course of the years, Jennifer Lawrence a lot of things were said. Of which, he’s overrated as, one has argued, and the dispute over the choice of his clothes, while the prèmiere (as worn during the carpet Red Sparrowto know “a lot of low-cut” for some), the actress has always been, to answer them bright those who imputed. On the contrary, his private life is subject to change. From 2011 to 2014, she had a relationship with Nicholas Houltknown set X-Men. Instead, it seems that from 2014 to 2015 was with Chris Martin of Coldplay, a connection not yet confirmed. During the filming of mother! has instead, a relationship began with Director Aronofskywas in October of last year. After months of the single, the actress is clamped with a was new flame, Cooke MaroneyDirector of the art gallery, the Gladstone, 64 in New York. The right one for you?

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