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Jennifer Lawrence: “I Know you alone”


Not the fierce criticism of mother import!, the film of her fiance, one of which is the protagonist. And brings to silence, who is on all fours, he has her manipulated. Because Jennifer Lawrence is even stronger than the roles that made them famous

They say that this is not the year of the Jennifer Lawrence. No Oscar nomination, Emma Stone, that he passed over in the ranking of the Actresses are paid more and, perhaps worse still, the criticism at the Venice film festival for the controversial film mother! directly from his buddy Darren Aronofsky, 21 years older than you.

But then you look close, tell two hours and finds out that Jennifer, 27 years old, an Academy award in the year 2012 on The positive side, this is not a woman with a “annus horribilis”.

First of all laughs, jokes, tells the story of the self with self-irony, always. Not the diva, speaks of the companions, and also to the questions, the uncomfortable, like the one on the manipulation of the emotional, of which someone sees the victim: the young, talented, for the love, follows the wrong path, the person who believes, a genius, and, perhaps, it is not. “In the past, I had confused relationships with people who feel me. With him it’s not, never”he clarified the actress.

And all of this controversy exploded, debt mother! (in the rooms of 28. september), the claustrophobic film about life in a secluded house of a writer in crisis creative (Javier Bardem) and his wife-the muse (Jennifer Lawrence), a existence is interrupted by the arrival of a strange couple, formed by Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

And “upside down” is the word, the sacrificed simply to synthesize a series of depredations, fires, visions, babies and the heart literally torn from the breast. How can the joy of a movie? I have to admit, I liked it. But maybe-for it was to explain to Lawrence, which can be a key that Aronofsky build decided to the story. “The allegory is everything.”says Jennifer. “I am the mother earth, Bardem is God, the Creator, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are Adam and eve. If you don’t know, this film is a punch in the stomach, but it loses a lot of its message and its meaning. I myself, perhaps, if you explained to me had, I would have came alone”.

Then, if she cries in a scene, she, it, mother nature is actually ask for help? You, in short, is a film, the environmentalists.
“The future that we have ahead of us scares me very much. And it makes me afraid of scepticism, which should be the burden of our worries and do something for the environment (the reference is not to the us President, Donald Trump, Jennifer never call by name, ndr). 98 percent of scientists say that global warming is caused by human activities every year, we see the temperatures rise to record levels, we make hurricanes, you never seen, earthquakes and floods, but we with impunity to rape our earth.”

In the movie she is always running around barefoot. How ever this choice?
Because “the house stands for the earth, and walking barefoot is a way, the contact was between me, nature and the planet. It is as if, between us, it had an organic connection, on the contrary, there is: I find it to see the frustrating, the people, divided because of unimportant details on a subject so important. We have a house, we need to protect them. And that’s not all. You have millions of dollars in the bank and a career as a dream, but if you do you think not the courage to support you, and the battles in which, you’ve got nothing”.

If the message of the film is, as she says, the past is now a little time, the complaints at the Venice film festival? The have hurt?
“Actually, no. Also, because all of the movies of Darren fischiati festival” (laughs taste). “We have realized, sharing a story, it is loud, aggressive, and sometimes violent. mother! it is a movie for those who make you suffer, but also to think. I find it extraordinary, without the same, but I know that it is not for all. In fact, I love you just because”.

Someone remained traumatized.
“Good! Maybe the people convince that you can do something to save the planet. The more we touch the hearts of the people, the more we can mobilitarla. However, I understand the concerns, I for one, I haven’t made yet, see the movie, my mother and I’m afraid that my brothers, once went to the cinema, we want to Darren the four of us”.

It is possible that, in addition to the allegory of the environmentalists is another? There are those who saw in the crisis, follows the contact of the protagonists with other people, a complaint about the negative consequences of fame.
“No, I could not do what I love, if there is no fans”.

As the life of the celebrities? She is a famous actress and icon of style, loved by the maison Dior.
“I believe that each of us desires, and of the merits, the he of his private room. I try to be friendly to those who are close to me, but they are not made to be the best friend of all or scattarmi selfie with the first person, which keeps me, if I go to the bathroom. Nor do I want to be forced to go to recognize with sunglasses and hat, to me, when I go shopping in New York city. Being famous does not mean to expect that you will constantly have your own space violated by someone. If this happens to you, however, are the one that knows to defend itself.”

What are the best and the worst of it, what is the a famous actress today?
“The best thing is that you have so many movies, then this is the only talent I have. The worst are smartphones, because all of the camera”.

She lives in the spotlight. What do you think of people who, like the character of Bardem in the movie, they live only for their art?
“It’s what you are, and what you do. Someone like my husband in the film, I believe that I have a good relationship. You are just the ego of the artist to destroy the fame and success, the relationship between the protagonists”.

After you mother!, you said that you are attracted of the Directors muffled, like Aronofsky. Is that really so?
“So, not that of the evening, I go search on Google “the Directors of the dark”. I think Darren is brilliant, creative, a person who is sensitive to which any of the trust on the set, because they are, in short, a genius. Brings you in the vicinity of you that you can test and the power trasmettendoti always a feeling of absolute safety”.

And what it led to?
“I have experienced moments that really dark. One day, I was asleep, and I began to think of a scene from the film is quite strong: I started missing the respiratory. I didn’t know how to get back to normal and back in control of the situation”.

As you found, to interpret them, has no children, the role of the mother?
“I’ve done my best, I got mine from my mother. I love the kids, of course, how she loves you, but who has never had. If I mean, maybe you don’t love so much anymore,” laughs still.

A year ago, said that he was sleeping on the couch and not cooking. Has more?
“Of course, I have a bread machine I have now. In the end, I’d rather see the first reality show in tv cooking: if you do not know, suddenly, the guests, what is.”

It is nothing more than the fear?
“At the moment I’m in front of the phobia of flight. I always took planes, but I recently had a bad experience and now I’m evil. The other things that scare me, are the scandals and public, to leave the city, without that you bear with me, Pippi, my dog.”

In the next year, we will see, spy sexy in Red Sparrow, and the last appearance in the saga, X-Men, following in the footsteps of Dark Phoenix. Only this program has?
“In the meantime, I’m taking a break, I have nothing in the agenda for the next two months”.

But I don’t know that this is true. Jennifer has the intention of more time for production and asked to think of his companion, a Comedy for you. Aronofsky says he wrote mother! in five days, but then she forced Jennifer to three months of rehearsals before the turn. If you would like to now dedicate the horror allegorical is behind us, a couple of days on the wishes of Lawrence, perhaps the perfect friend for a girl like that could really.

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