Jennifer Lawrence: “it is Better to fight to save the earth, and let” – cinema – screenings


ATLANTA – Just you, the has in the surroundings of Hollywood, the patent for the struggle for equality, would not have expected a RAID so irrepressibly in the genre of sci-fi, according to Amy Adams, a professor of linguistics in Arrivalthe acchiappafantasmi of the reboot Ghostbusters, Felicity Jones in Star Wars-Story Rogue One.
“The exchange of roles is arrived, finally. It is true, the differences between women and men”. Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, thinks so, and chooses Passengers because, he says, “I love science-fiction movies that allow the viewer the opportunity, not the ones that tell you how you can “. After tormas barrels on the orders of the spatial limits “now it is up to us to save the world”.

in the playback mode….

Why just ‘Passengers’, not to say an episode of ‘Star Wars’ so much?
“To me the idea irritating, that two people to 5,000, traveling to Cologne, you Wake up ninety years before the planned arrival. I think I’ve matured as an actress. I wanted to stage with an original story to tell, and the adjustment of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins”.
In one scene, she swims in the pool, without the force of gravity. How was that?
“I’m used to it, the fitness center, not to a apnea-where can I strengthen the blows with the fields. I have a tank with chlorine to the other, like a mermaid. Where I was bad in the ipersonno within the pod. I suffer from claustrophobia. I moaned, “Make them cool”. But, if you locked the tailgate, alterac: “you’re Not cool enough. Let me out!” “.

She said that she is a perfect pet…
“Therefore, this film is for me. The cinema was home, now, and Passengers are alone for half the time. Hip hip hooray! “.

And as you share the scene with Chris Pratt?
“I got the nickname “sunshine”. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know, how romantic the adventure would be on the set. We want to keep a shoulder, like Chris, or Bradley Coopper, in chess, my mind too hard. Can I hard a girl. Does not make much sense to talk the chemistry between us. I prefer friendship”.

You don’t like the word chemistry?
“You used to be the scene of love between me and Chris, and since he is married, every time when I feel he is taking me to a blow”.

Having regard to the previous of his colleagues of ‘Gravity’ a ‘Survived The Martian’, it is also the room attracted by the travel in the world?
“No. I grew up in Kentucky, ultra-Catholic, but I don’t go to Church still scruto the sky. I liked it very much Interstellar from Nolan. I think we all should save the earth, to pack up and abandon “.

Would on Board a space ship President?
“Depending on the selection. What politician would like to travel?”.