Jennifer Lawrence: “Not I have sex, I’m afraid of diseases”


On the occasion of a recent interview with The Sun, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t like sexwhy are you suffering phobia germs and scared of the possibility of borrowing a sexually transmitted disease.

The star 27-year-old, who became famous for the popular film series “the Hunger Games” and now, in the stage of promotion to his last film, “Red Sparrow,” said they rarely have sex, even though it is the usual talk of continio. “I always talk about sex, but the truth is, that when I look back, my sexual experiences were always just friends. I speak as if of the sex I like, but in reality I’m not. I also have a phobia against germs“the actress, the claim revealed that the sex “dangerous“.

The opinions abouterotic not to discourage, but to find the idea of a soul mate, one day. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence together separates from fiancé Darren Aronofsky in november 2017 after a year, but has admitted that a bit of’ what did no one involved sexually. Would like to find man: “I made it clear that I have sex for a long time. I would like to have a relationship, but you know, it’s tough out there!“, castle, the young Hollywood star, who was recently named as the sexiest woman in the world.