Keira Knightley refuses to do more scenes of naked and explains why


Keira Knightley has decided not to undress in front of a camera ever again. The actress has spoken with Financial Times on the move #MeToo and motherhood, among other topics. Knightley gave birth to her second daughter only six months ago. Says that motherhood has changed you in many ways and that has made him take the decision not to undress anymore in front of the cameras.

“Nipples hanging”says joking. “I have always felt completely comfortable doing it when I was younger. I never did anything with it that you don’t feel at ease. I am very happy with my body. Has done something incredible. But, I don’t want to be there, planted in front of a film crew whole.

Keira Knightley 'Misbehaviour' 'Breaking the rules'

Apart from having changed it, also changed the society and the technology. The actress expressed their concern for the sustainability of the internet: “Before you did a sex scene and only saw it in the movie. Maybe some newspaper unpleasant putting it on some site, that was all. But now you can get it whole and put it into one thing completely different, and that is on some porn site.

On the clause in their contract that agrees that it will not do nude said to be in “total control” their sex scenes. I choose my double body. It is a process of selection interesting! It goes a bit like this, “It looks a bit like you, but better. Has a nice body, so I can do this”. And after I approve the final edition”.

Keira Knightley appears in the film ‘Breaking the rules’ which will be released on the 30th of April. His character in this tape forms part of a group of women who plan to denounce the sexism of the contest of Miss World in 1970. One of the participants, Jennifer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is proud to be one of the first candidate black power and visibility to all these different women from the canon of beauty white.

Their memories of ‘Star Wars’

Keira Knightley is always compared physically, or confused with Natalie Portman. But, in fact, Knightley made double of Portman in the plot of a major motion picture. In ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The phantom menace’, Portman played Queen Amidala, and Knightley plays Know, one of the maids of the queen who is impersonating her with her clothes, and her signature makeup white and red.

In an interview with Total Film, Knightley has commented on the forgotten role that did: “I was 12 years old. Literally, I don’t. I remember that the adornment of the head was very heavy, it gave me a headache. And I remember that I was in the background of a scene for so long that I actually fell asleep. I was sitting in a chair, but I could not keep my eyes open”.

In the program of Graham Norton said he did not even know the history of your character: “I didn’t know what I was doing when I got the role because nobody gave the script, it was all very secret. So as I would be pushing to scenes, and he was dressed exactly like her before, but no one told me why”.