Martha, who Is Dead, and the developer is enthusiastic about the Texel density, and talking about photo-realism


PS5: Martha, who Is Dead, the developer is enthusiastic about the Texel density, and talking about photo-realism

The developers of the video game, “Martha’s Dead,” has been praised in a meeting with the OPM, the performance of the PS5. In the first line of the Beach, it was the density of the outline, which ensures that the images are more detailed than ever before to put in an appearance.

Stunning graphics as possible

In the April issue of OPM, the LKA-Studio-Director at de Luca Dalco, who explained how the technical skills of the console to allow the Studio to create stunning graphics, especially the in-game graphics. Below you can read their Statement:

“The specs of the PS5 is incredibly exciting for us, especially in the case of the extra graphics performance, and the addition of the ray-tracing architecture. Our Studio has completed over the course of four years, it’s a long way to go. And maria Is Dead, we will strive for photo-realism. We are pleased to see that the Hardware for the next Generation to support us, to bring our Vision to the players in more detail.

We’ve done a lot of work, in order to be able to on the PS4, and if possible, high-resolution textures to use. With the PS5, we can make use of, nonetheless, an incredible Provide a density of up to 4096px / m. This means that the image is also available in a higher resolution, fully detailed. It is one of the most significant advances in the Performance of the visual we have been waiting for.”

Dalco is also on the SSD, and the PS5, and added: “it’s high-Quality Assets that are, by their nature, the greater, and to benefit from the faster load times.” It is a fact that is likely to be almost no doubt.

In the course of the Interview, the tracing of the rays has already been mentioned, the Dalco as a “cool technology for a self-contained Studios to view. It allows you to reach out to the “new reality of the levels, without the big Teams is necessary”.

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The current plans suggest that the PS5 is going to be released in the fall of 2020, for a yet unknown price on the market. There is speculation that Sony may even be working in two systems, different performance and different price points are available. Even so, it is not clear when the company will reveal the new Hardware.

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