Mcdonald’s Monopoly scandal: Net, Adhesive the trick is to shot

The Mcdonald’s Scam, that the next Film will be entered into the books of history. The Details of the actions of the men on the back of the summary, among other things, the Business Insider, a few years ago, according to Jerry Jacobsen, a former police officer, takes on, in the 1980s, a job with a printing company that also works for the Mcdonald s.. After a couple of years ago, it is used for the production of the Adhesive, it is the responsibility of the fast-food group that I used to be a Monopoly of the competition.

First of all, perceived lack of commercial success, it’s a strict boss, to be well-known, and takes her Job very seriously. However, in 1989, a Former POLICE officer, and his brother, the Adhesive in the amount of $ 25,000. This act marked the beginning of a massive fraud, that is, the ten-year-old Jacobsen with a network of “employees” that he has created.

The former employee is Familiar with the Sticker of the fault, with which they get the profit from the Mcdonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes. In the course of the year, Jacobsen and her fraud ring, for the rich people, no one seems to know what is really going on.