Mostra del Cinema, Venice. Scarlett Johansson, Chiara Ferragni, every division, day-to-day


The dress is good, to attach and a pleasant. The hair ravvivarli, you never know. From Tuesday evening until 7. september, Venice, and the Lido transform in the set-ideal for selfie of the star and of the mortal that you start success, the arm over the obstacle. Always mondanit tied to the Venice film festival lives from contrasts. Cinephiles will be hard and pure trust in the room to spoil the movie Burmese mute of three hours, while outside the cinema, the people in the lagoon and back to change a trip of a few hours from the mainland, the claims, the divas, the glamour, the dresses, the train, the transparency. And of course the trophy to bring home. And cos, imagine to be able to lend a helping hand for those preparing for the bridge, and the freedom to drink, in the hour of the aperitif-a few drops of distilled beautiful world, here is a map, what to expect and where in the more than ten days, catwalks, parties, private dinners, lounge, after-dinner and company.

The dances, for those, pu, start gi tomorrow evening in the lagoon. To give on the terrace of the hotel Danieli, the chief Executive of the hotel group, Marriott life, is in the evening All about mujeresa clear homage to the Golden lion for the career of Pedro Almodvar, but also the Chairman of the jury, Venice, 76, Lucrecia Martel, driven by the us magazine Variety. The restaurant dominates the view, the whole of Venice to the health, so full of hope, alternating dishes, inspired by the films of the Spanish Director, and cocktails, inspired by the Director of Argentina, with music mixed by dj Joe T Vannelli. A touch-and sar-gi is the opening of the exhibition, Wednesday, to explain with the godmother, Alessandra Mastronardi, opened entrusted to the event and the red carpet of the film-makers draw three-axes-cost ringer the neck. At the Lido, because Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke, the cast-roman The vrit. Needless lambiccare on where you pass away, the night after the screening: for you and the thousands of guests or participants of cheap) to a soiree this evening, dinner on the beach of the hotel Excelsior. After a few hours of sar-gi-American invasion. Thursday, plan Anno on the red carpet in front of Scarlett Johansson and Adam driver in the film Marriage Storythen Brad Pitt with short hair and a helmet for an astronaut in Ad astra. The Friday the time of Roman Polanski, again in the cinema with a story to be strong onaffair Dreyfuss (and not only), J’accusewith the tyrant in Paris Louis Garrel, the husband of Letitia Casta, Jean Dujardin, came out to the public, without saying, almost not a word in The artist.

The couple

At a later hour, but not so late for the children who expect to interpret arriver, Kristen Stewart, here you abseil into a complex role, the torments of the actress Jean Seberg. Saturday evening the scene of sar for Joaquin Phoenix. The us actor, the son of hippies called, give the body and melancholy in a Joker everything new that has nothing to do with super heroes, but rather the fruit of malice and indifference. To remember at midnight projection, the scandal-movie Irrversible 2002: for the occasion, and only for the night, you riunir the pair consisting of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. In the lagoon, for those who has received the precious coupon black-and-white, there is a fixed registration date expectations this issue is the: Black& White Ball – the RTD en Tte the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, with a staged by the magazine “Vanity Fair,” the creation of Venetian matthias Corvinus in the footsteps of the famous dance organized at the Plaza hotel in New York from Thruman top.

The weekend

And on the Lido sar-a really nice weekend, then, when the Sunday entrusted, Jude Law and John Malkovich of The New Popethe new series from Paolo Sorrentino, the film consists of Penlope Cruz and Gael Garcia Bernal in the film Wasp Network and the great Meryl Streep protagonist The laundromat. At halftime of the Monday us the feast of the son to the terrace Biennale and the arrival of the exhibition is a young actor, franco-Americans, Timothe Chalamet: 23 years, discovered by Luca Guadagnino and gi idol of the girls of all ages. The true pop media of the 4 Chiara Ferragni to showcase on the Lido Ferragni Is Not Bookeda documentary is released on the page (perhaps) his life, rush masses of armies, the smartphone also on a Wednesday. For dual-projection, then the entrance to the Palazzo Don Giovannelli in Cannaregio. For those who can not only smell the air, there is the possibility of intersection pi directly. A Campari Lounge in front of the palazzo del Cinema, where “Vanity Fair” organized three meetings with Italian Actresses: Sarah Ferdelbaum, Anna Cooked and Micaela Ramazzotti. You can participate, as long as seats are available with the registry Finally, breathing (music) close: Friday 6 is on the way (alongside Johnny Depp), Roger Waters, during Saturday’s Mick Jagger. For the latter ready for a tour of the palazzo Grimani, accompanied by Toto Bergamo Rossi, of the Venetian Heritage. In the galaxy of festivals and events to organizing, a full 15 years ends up being Diva and donna officiated by pr Tiziana Rocca and celebrated in the hotel Sina Centurion Palace is the 2. In the past year, the stage of the Minister Salvini was. This year, who knows.

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