Of the Google Pixel 4c: leaked pictures best leaked out to the Project again


Even though this year’s developer conference, Google I/O is canceled, and the Google Pixel, the 4th, the date of Posting of the father as of yet. Now, more photos have surfaced of the Smartphone. The pictures confirm that the device is equipped with a Display for the hole.

The photos were released by Rozetked also available. The images of some of the above information, to the Design of the middle-class to be confirmed-smartphone-again. The Selfie camera has been placed in the Display hole. At the rear, with a single camera and lens with the LED flash. In addition to this, the device is equipped with a fingerprint Sensor.

At the end of December 2019, to process the images for the first time to reach the new middle-class model for the general public. Here, also, the “Punched”Hole-in camera on the front, and a single-lens camera at the back were seen.

The Google Pixel, -4
The Google Pixel, -4

The specifications of the Google Pixel, -4

From the previous Leaks, Google’s Pixel is 4 to have a 5.7 or a 5.8-inch wide-screen display. Because the processor is a Snapdragon the I-730 or 765) are used. The CPU is supported by four gigabytes of memory. The Default setting is to have the internal memory with a size of 64 gigabytes found. In addition to the USB-C Port is also Ear-phones with the built-in port. In addition, it aims to bring the Google to the Pixel 4 to a 5 the Modem.

The Google I/O, by the year 2020, has been cancelled

The Google I/O, it was expected that the Pixel in the 4th, it should be. originally from the 12th to the 14th. In may 2020, which is to take place. Due to the current situation with regard to novel Coronavirus, in the event it was cancelled. With the Announcement of a new product must be made in a Livestream. Even though no changes to the Release date, for the Pixel 4a are known, the public garden (where, it is conceivable that the Release is moved to the rear.

The Smartphone, Leaked, pixels Google pixels, OnLeaks, the pixels 4a, the Google Pixel, -4

The Smartphone, Leaked, pixels Google pixels, OnLeaks, the pixels 4a, the Google Pixel, -4