Raising hopes of a sharp decline in the sales of smart phones


The Company Huawei this is probably one of the greatest challenges in the history of the company. Smart phones to be sold in countries that sit in the Google Play Store. You are fighting on multiple fronts, due to the fact that the company is on a “Black list” of the USA, there are, of course, some of the challenges for all the partners.

You will need to apply for exemptions, and if you want to work with Huawei. It worked on the other day from Microsoft, so the new laptop with the Windows you can see, a partnership with Google, currently, is to put on the ice, even if Google is trying to.

No smart phones in the Google Play Store: this is for Huawei, and that you will have to develop its own services and the Services, and push forward. It’s working so far, it’s more of semigut, I would say that according to my own experience. It does not matter how good a Smartphone is, without Google Play Services, and Apps, it’s really, really hard to bring it to the customer.

2020 is going to be a challenge, as you know that Huawei itself. But behind the reserved Side, he is talking about. About 190 of the 200 billion he wants to sell it, by the year 2020, at least, is expected by 2019, and the Companion of the 30th, was the subject of, inter alia, to the prohibition of, and brought it up to 240 million units have been sold.

It should prove to be true, the prognosis is very slow, indicating that the United States is one of its goals: the growth of Huawei. The united states believes that the Chinese government, Huawei can use the equipment, for the purpose of Espionage. Evidence has been provided as of yet.