Ryzen, and Epyc: AMD-processor of the vulnerability of the affected


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A new vulnerability that affects both Ryzen, as well as the Epyc CPUs. The Problem lies in the irregular area of the L1 cache, resulting in attacks on the System are possible as well. Security researchers do not consider the difference between the price of a crash, or a Spectrum. In the meantime, AMD has answered with a point of view.

Security researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in all AMD CPUs since the year of 2011, relating to the Ryzen, and Epyc models of the Zen,, Zen+ Zen 2-infra-structure, as well as the now obsolete Bulldozer Chips. AMD should already be in the last year reported, had up to now to express it, however.

The L1-Cache it is intentionally a trick

The Problem is, therefore, in the irregular area of the caches at L1, and the type of forecast to forecast. The only difference that could take advantage of if you are not familiar with the structure of the Caches at L1, it has not changed since 2011. The Cache attack has been by means of Firefox and Chrome, the Javascript functionality is in use. In particular, the researchers describe their approach in the following way:

We reverse-engineered AMD’s L1D cache, a way predictor in the micro-architecture for 2011 through 2019, resulting in two new methods of attack. [..] Clash+the sample allows for the monitoring of the accesses to the memory for the current logical core, but without the knowledge of the physical addresses in the shared memory.Load+Reload, gets to have access to the memory traces of the application are co-located in the same physical core. We work closely with our new attack techniques in different scenarios. We have set up a high-speed covert channel, and is used in the range of the attack is to leak secret data from the kernel. In addition to this, we have reduced the entropy of the different ASLR implementation is in native code and in the sandbox with the JavaScript. Finally, the retrieved a key from a vulnerable implementation of the esa.

The researchers did not see a gap at the same potential risks, such as a failure or a Spectrum, because they have a lot more data.

AMD’s developer resources

They will recommend adjustments in the field of hardware and Software in order to mitigate this problem in the future. AMD has said, however, of the Situation, and encourages the developers to stick to the principles of secure coding.

We are all aware of a new white paper, which states that the potential for security issues on the AMD CPUs, in which a malicious actor could handle the caching of a resource, potentially, to transmit the data to the user in a way they weren’t intended. The researchers then couple this to the way the data is known and minimized, or the speculative execution of the side-channel vulnerabilities. AMD believes that this is not new speculation and is based on the attack.

AMD continues to recommend the following best practices to help reduce the side-channel issues:

  • Keep your operating system up-to-date, running the latest version of the latest revision of the software platform and firmware, which includes amounts available for investment, based on the vulnerability
  • The following secure coding methodologies
  • Deploy the patch to the most recent releases of critical libraries, including those that are found to be susceptible to side-channel attacks
  • Using a computer that is safe, practical, and run your anti-virus software

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