Scarlett Johansson: “If the fans make me live, you will remain disappointed: you tell me, you are too low”

Scarlett Johansson a view to disappoint the fans. The actress has revealed that his many fans are disappointed by your height (1 meter 60 approx.), if the met live. TV -, radio – Cosmopolitan Ukthe diva said: “you say to Me: ‘Wow, you’re really low. You’re a lot lower than what I thought”.

The Johansson -he will be back to the cinema Avengers: Endgame, Marvel-movies, in the dress once again in the role of Natasha Romanoff/black widow – is one of the finest interpreters of Hollywood, yet he seems to have had a run-in with a little bit of criticism in terms of its stature.

The blonde interpreter is not the only “petite” between the divas of the showbiz. To the stars that lie between the u-bahn and fifty, and the meters and sixty approximately, we find: Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Victoria Beckham, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, and many others.

So Scarlett Johansson is in good company. The interpreter, in the last few days was a re-make of a talking to to some explanations about the paparazzi. “I was being chased by five cars with tinted Windows, inside there were men with red lights and flash, there was a danger to other drivers and pedestrians. All of this, to follow me and find out where they go… And all of this is completely legal. The paparazzi are stalkers, sooner or later someone else is going to die like Lady Diana,” said the actress after an ugly incident that had the protagonist on the evening of 8. april, after being a guest of the tv show Jimmy Kimmel Live!.