So, you can get a Nearly-Level-Item


With the fate of the Egg (on the left) to evolve your pokemon faster. With the fate of the Egg (on the left) to evolve your pokemon faster.

It is the goal of every Trainer’s Pokémon: The pocket and the balancing of the monsters as soon as possible and, thus, to develop. This is also true for the Pokémon, sword, and shield to the Switch, and it’s a great Item called lucky Egg.

What is the fate of the Egg, does it? He says that the Pokémon who used this Item receives after a battle, with a whopping 50% more experience points. It is so tremendously effective.

The fate of the Egg in the sword & shield you’ll get: as

Basically, you will be able to sort of Egg at the end of the game is to get. The only pre-requisite is that the Delion had defeated the Pokémon Champion, you are. Then you have come to the Item.

  1. Travel to Keelton and enter the Restaurant, a wave of” escape”.
  2. Talk to the Chef. He tells him, with a total of three shipments.
  3. Delivery 1 is in the North-West of the city, the woman in the gray house (reward: how to sweet-P).
  4. The delivery 2 will go to the man in the last row house before the big set of stairs.
  5. The delivery 3, is a white woman in the labour market-with the green ribbon of the top.

The returns between the supply of new and new to the Chef. You will initially receive a total of seven of the giant Team, and, after the final delivery for the lucky Egg.

So, you can be in with a Pokemon of your choice to give it. As long as he is in your Party, it will be the match Bonus to experience points through battles.

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