Sony surprised us with the announcement for the Playstation 5?


The console war takes a surprising twist: By now, there are rumors that the PS5 Forat the time of the PS5 for it to appear. Is there something to it?

It has been several months ago, insiders were unanimous that the Sony is going to bring a competitor to Microsoft’s two versions of the Xbox the X Series out of it. In addition to einer12 TeraFLOP of strong Next-Generation console, Microsoft has no plans supposedly, it also is a variant of the Light Xbox-X-Seriesto provide a particularly inexpensive entry into the new Generation of gaming. Up to now, it has become Distracting for the “Xbox-Anaconda”, and “Xbox” as both the models were originally meant to be baptized, but it’s surprisingly quiet. In spite of this, it seems, but Sony the idea of the two different models of the Next-Gen to the console and picked up: A very well-informed about the Japanese Journalist claims that Sony could publish, in addition to the regular “Playstation 5” is also a Pro version of the application for Release by the end of 2020.

PS5-Playstation 5 Controller, Sony Games

PS5: Anonymous Tester – they are So good, the Playstation 5 is reported to be!

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PS5 vs Pro PS5: is THE difference between the two systems to each other

In the case of the journalist, Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, who in the past has, with the release of Nintendo’s Switch to the Lite version, as well as the technical Details of the Pro-PS4 predicted correctly did. The Japanese were 2019 at the latest, in September PS5 For said. The message was only picked up now and again. Specifically, Sony wants to bring them in line with all the rumors, all of the following variants of the PS5 out:

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The The Standard Model is the PlayStation 5 going to a live performance at around 9 TeraFLOPS to create.

The The Pro-Model the Playstation the 5, to achieve a similar performance to the Xbox, the Series X, i.e. (approx. 12 TeraFLOPS The performance of the hold.

In addition, we also have plans that are similar to the Xbox hard drive X Series

PS5 Dev Kit, and New Pictures Games

PS5 | hammer price: price of the new Playstation could be.

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PS5 Pro, How realistic is it for a console for the Launch?

In spite of being quite unusual, as Sony brings to you the Launch of the Playstation 5, two models from the Start, but very far-fetched, the message does not appear, on the one hand, the Japanese, the reporter found, in the past, you have gone to the right with your information. On the other hand, I would like to reaffirm the previous rumors, to the power of the PS5, it will set the PS5 is always in the range from 9 to 13 TeraFLOPS.

PS5 Dev Kit, the Final product of the Project LetsGoDigital Games

PS5: price, Launch, games and rumors for the PlayStation 5

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According to an estimate by the journalists, the players need to understand, however, that it is deeply in the pocket: o The $ 600 mark or the Euro, and the PS5 Pro cost. The rumors, however, it should be used with great caution: there isn’t a PS5 Pro, it has been confirmed, the price of 600 Euros. However, it is only a matter of time when Sony offers new Details on the next-Generation of consoles. We, in the us, the “The Xbox X-Series” you will be offering, then you will see in the Video below:

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