Terrible. And is Paula Echevarría “Do you Know why she is in Miami?”. Last time very bad


Paula Echevarría in Disneyland Orlando

March 08, 2020
(11:18 CET)

“But when you come back?”, you say to Paula Echevarría. It seems that the actress has forgotten of Madrid and is very happy in Miami with the good temperatures. We could say that this last month has not stopped by house. Just to put a washing machine and leave again.

He has recorded his participation in Planet Calleja, where both have been moved up to Kenya, with Miguel Torres also. Have enjoyed the Classic Party and now they are enjoying luxury in Miami, where they have visited Disneyland Orlando with a great friend, Nuria Roca. Not to forget the weekend they spent together at Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas in Porto.

Miguel Torres is not separated from it nor a single second. The couple has finally found the peace and tranquility they needed-and have shown that they are made for each other. The first year of relationship was quite difficult because the means of communication, the comments and speculations and the shadow of David Bustamante planning above them.

The actress, highly active on social networks, has left a record of all these trips he has done in the last month. In addition, although in Spain still have not reached the good temperature to be able to use your new pool, Echevarría has already made the first video session of the year. Has advance to the Obregon.

The detractors of the actress have discovered the mystery of these endless vacation. According to some of his followers Paula Echevarría does not have any short term project. Far from a character with no importance in a film, a fill, he has done nothing, neither in cinema nor television. Since the left Antenna 3, Telecinco his career is going downhill and without brakes, and of course now you have all the time in the world.

Is more, Echevarría generates more revenue today by your blog and your sitting on Instagram, as some promotions with brands, all of their work in television. For this reason it is generating money and charging while what happens in big with your partner and friends. It seems that this 2020 could throw the whole year vacation because of time there are no projects to view.