The escort of Eleanor the lia (and very fat) doing this at a children’s party, the cole


07 of march 2020
(10:32 CET)

The book Letizia, the queen Impatient the journalist Leonardo Faccio it is revealing unknown aspects of the Royal family, especially the queen. A biography of the most controversial, where the wife of Felipe VI is not in a very good place to be unfolding their hobbies. The one great hope that their daughters Leonor and Sofia, who has a very good relationship and try to make them in his image and likeness. It is said that “cada day Letizia is up at 6:15, then breakfast with their daughters.”

Leonor, Sofia and Letizia

Queen Letizia wants the girls to learn and be a great future for the country. For this reason always takes them at bay and fight if necessary. It has seen the asturian angry with their daughters in many public events. Letizia is a perfectionist and does not want anything to fail. The queen rebuke the girls in the official acts, the rebukes with the finger on high when you do not keep silence or not to join the legs to take a seat.”

Letizia puts on a series of rules always appear Leonor and Sofia on the scene. As for example you can’t do photographs always that the small are in front. “In the Parade of the three Kings to see that a woman I was photographing their daughters, the queen crossed the street to ask you not to use the camera. Another day in a children’s party one of his bodyguards demanded another woman to delete the photos he had taken of their daughters without asking permission“.

It is precisely in the birthday parties of the companions of Leonor and Sofia where there are more problems and feel different. Letizia has always wanted to preserve the privacy of their daughters and for this reason always come with an escort, as also are these the same people that control anyone make a picture of the girls and if that happens, immediately ask for them to delete. The moms of the other children are fed up with this excessive control and for this reason they decide not to invite the girls to any site.

The control sickly concerned about the grandmother and the aunt of Letizia, telling the author of the book “Oh poor you, what a life. The girls have to do things of his own status and his mother try to avoid it“. The small, especially Leonor, already have a very important role in the monarchy and have given to crossings with the reality when they have gone to a public event. Many shenanigans and whistles, beyond all those people that want to with devotion.