The international space station: the First private platform in Europe, begin in the All – Live


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Sputnik, Germany


With “Bartholomew”, should be-expanded to the International space station (ISS) for a party platform that enables enterprises and research organizations, projects and commercial space. The platform has been built and tested in Germany. Right now it’s a “Dragon”space capsule at Kennedy Space Center. You can watch the launch live right here!

The International space station (ISS) is a laboratory in Europe with the name of the “Bartholomew” to be continued, which is intended for commercial use and research projects. After the preparation of Bartolomeo kicks off on Friday at 17:50 CET, and from 23:50 local time from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The Live broadcast of the launch:

On the external platform of the ISS for twelve of the Experience, and the three Antenna sites that it will be extended. Through the Use of the “Bartolomeo is going to be a biologist, particularly of the sun, Star, solar system, and the physical, Erdbeobachter, atmospheric and climate scientists.

“It is particularly appropriate to Bartholomew, to the technology of testing and validation. Here are the only ones, who can be reached in any laboratory in the world for the optical sensing, materials, robotics, components, and antennas can be tested in the direct space, of the environment,” said Dr. Julianna Schmitz, said in a statement to the press, the German centre for air and space travel (DLR), the DLR space management for microsoft marketing, in charge.

The data will be transmitted via laser communications to a terminal of the Osiris, which is mounted in 2021, the “Bartolomeo”. The Installation of the new instruments on the outer side of the platform is to be in accordance with the PROTOCOL, there is no space left for walking is required. It can also be controlled from the ground.