The MacBook will. As well, the Apple iPad is the Killer


Time and time again, in order for the Apple MacBook, conjuration, last but not least, on the iPad, it must be a cutting down in the chair. But right now, he really could have come up with the Thoughts in my end-of-week column.

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Even Apple’s MacBook pro family is in good health, but the rumors are correct, could you be involved in a new accessory product-the iPad, for peace. Apple plans to introduce a Smart Keyboard with a Trackpad for the iPad Pro, which is in need of a MacBook pro?

A similar approach has already been shown Brydge Pro+tracks:

Apple is in a dilemma: on the iPad, and the MacBook pro Killer?

The question is justified, because there are very few MacBook users will swear an oath on a real physical keyboard. Just push the control through the touch screen, interfering with the flow of the work, and it is also to be assessed from an ergonomic point of view, with a critical eye. Therefore, such an advanced Smart Keyboard could actually be the missing link on the way to the bottom of the MacBook pro, or …

A Smart Keyboard with a Track pad (just to the left of the picture to the right, to the previous; image: Apple MacRumors).

The answer to this is that, for me, it’s a flat Yes or no because, as ever in life, and for the first time. Not all of your customers to decide, on the basis of the Hardware of a keyboard and a Track pad for a Laptop from Apple. All of the professionals rely on the flexibility of the mac os, and that is associated with the corresponding Software offering. An iPad Pro with an external keyboard, and a Trackpad this is because, in the final analysis, is only of limited use. No, not a MacBook Pro, this new combination is now deprecated.

Interesting, in the future, a new technology that could lead to the MacBook pro:

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The MacBook pro is the Flex-book-The amazing future of Apple Notebooks

Payload: MacBook Air at risk

If not, it looks to the MacBook Air. A point-of-view of the structure of the price is revealed: The intersection of an iPad Pro with a proper Keyboard, and the MacBook Air is too high. In the long run, it’s not that Apple doesn’t make any sense. Also, because the buyers of the MacBook Air are likely to be looking for a more private users. For those buyers of the iPad Pro, it would be extended to the Smart Keyboard is actually worth Considering or is the Apple, it is the client’s decision-making, and the MacBook Air.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column will provide you with food for thought, and the “News-week” for the week to the end of the inquiry. A small selection of the previous article, in the column:

I venture, therefore, to be a prophecy: In the medium-to long-term, then the MacBook Air will fade away – and the iPad Pro will be Killer, using a simple accessory to “”. However, the MacBook Pro has. Why should it be up to the 16-inch model is so much trouble to deceive the practitioners again and again, and with success?

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