The phrase of Sophia Lillis that inspired Netflix in the “International Women’s Day”

Just in the framework of the “International Women’s day”, Netflix Latin america has shared one of your posts are the most emblematic in this march 8, which is inspired by one of the phrases Sophia Lillis of the famous series “This shit surpasses me”.

With only 18 years of age Sophia Lillis it has become one of the actresses that are currently most popular, being the movie “It” and the series of Netflix “This shit I exceeds” certain of its investments more successful.

Recall that this series of Netflix tap one of the themes most important today, such as homosexuality, adolescence, and bullying, a fact that makes it one of the productions most interesting of the platform.

The phrase of Sophia Lillis that inspired Netflix

“This shit surpasses me” revolves around Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), a teenager who is living one of its worst stages where you have to recover from the death of his father, the absence of your mother, your sexual orientation and the bullying he receives in his school, all in the midst of her teenage years and a foreign power that invades.

In this way Sophia Lillis through her character shows great courage in the face of all adversities, a fact that inspired Netflix who shared one of the phrases most emblematic of the actress regarding the great success of this series.

“I believe that everything that is happening with the women’s movement…

…recently, it has been of great help for all those girls who want to develop themselves professionally, should not be afraid or feel intimidated, but do everything they want with their lives”

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An excellent phrase Sophia Lillis who also has become a role model for many teens who feel identified with his character. And a great contribution on the part of Netflix in the “International Women’s Day” and before all the movement made by the women in their struggle for gender equity.