The reina Sofia has “flushed” that got to Letizia doing this with a woman

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March 08, 2020
(10:38 CET)

Queen Letizia questioned again. Although she tries to avoid by all means not to talk about any aspect of your life or your appearance, something that is inevitable, journalists Jaime Peñafiel or Pilar Eyre they are always willing to destroy the image of the Royal House aerating new dirty rags or curiosities.

In all the events of Doña Letizia, the media speak mostly of their looks in most cases very successful, but there are some who do not hesitate to criticize as in the reception of the kings in Argentina. Letizia chose a red suit passion too some dismissed it as “descocado”. Behind it, some guests rumoreaban.

letizia welcome argentina

According to published Eyreto Letizia she hissed in the ears. Between the press and celebrities present in the event the left is not red but green: “he Has a handsome skin, and arms of bodybuilder”. Another: “it Is smiling, but is surrounded by too protocol”, and also surprised, “I wore makeup to the poitrine!” (the fine form of French and referring to the breasts). Although not missing the bad milk: “it is a journalist of half a hair, with the hands arthriticI was not because I do not like to kneel to anyone, as all of those”, whispered some of the guests.

These were set in their “arms of bodybuilder, hands arthritic and breasts makeup“. This last choco pretty and is that sources close to comment that the stylist of Doña Letizia, not only will you cover up your face, also your breasts. To the bottom. On one occasion, while he was doing his work, the queen was without any garment at the top and Dona Sofía came encontrándosela that way. Was completely “flushed”.