The renaissance use of the popular Horror series


Published in 2010, and the Amnesia: The Dark Descent it was for the developers, Frictional Games, it was a great success. In the late 19th century. A century ago, the Survival horror game kidnapped to located in the memory-free protagonist in the first person, supposedly abandoned castle. Without guns, we need to get to get to play, hide, and, most importantly, don’t lose your mind.

Three years later, he appeared, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs an indirect sequel, however, developer The Chinese Room. The horror adventure is to work on a similar principle as the older one. Now, the series is going to be continued seven years later with “Amnesia: the Renaissance”, in fact.

Amnesia: the Renaissance in the Trailer

At this time, Frictional Games is bringing the developers to the staff
on the Hand, and terminates in a short, one-minute Trailer for “Amnesia: the Renaissance”
the third plot in the series, the promise. We will describe the
The game:

“Amnesia: the Rebirth”, a new descent into the darkness of the legendary Creator of the Super series. A gut-wrenching journey through desolation and despair, and the limits of human endurance will be developed.”

In part 3, we’ll have to play it apparently, Tasi Trianon, the wood is also a gap in the memory, in the desert of Algeria, he wakes up. Once again, we bring the experience of what happened in the past, and that is why we are in such a situation. The “The hopes, Fears, and a lost opportunity” in the speech, and it is a fact, of course, is this: “If you fail, you lose everything.”

To appear in “Amnesia: the Renaissance”, in the fall of 2020.
You can run so, this year, a continuation of “the process”-
and so, in the psychological thriller of the very Best deals.