Zen-processing of the Crisis, and a zombie load the ‘Light’ of the affected


amd-ryzen-4000-mobile -Any word processor that is free of security holes – this is the Hardware that is now very complex, and, in co-operation with the less complex Software, new attack vectors emerge. Over the past few months, Intel will have to deal with new security holes.

As of August, 2019 at the latest, the AMD is a known security vulnerability, which would seem to include all the processors, which are based on the Zen architecture, but also with Bulldozer, Piledriver, and architecture, Steamroller. In August 2019, the Team behind the “give Way, was informed that the company is about. To put the vulnerability of the open, and he looked up to the jump prediction in the L1 Data Cache. This is the jump before you have identified a scholar as a source for a Side-Channel Attackte. Through mechanisms such as the Clash+the sample-and-Load+Reload the page, it has been confirmed.

Finally, it has developed a possible attack, and JavaScript, in a sandbox, so the Browser can be done, but it’s also for the virtual environments, they are affected by it. So, most of all, the Datacenter is affected, and that, therefore, the EPYC processor, which is experiencing a boom in the coming years is set to continue.

However, you have to put up with the dangers of the security gap in their Relationship. During the Crisis, and a zombie you can spread the load to all of the records that will be affected by the “fix it” up until now, only a few meta-data.

Up to now, have not expressed an opinion on the AMD’s still about the vulnerability, and, therefore, there are no counter-measures. As a Side-Channel attack, it is a pure software solution, it would be in the Form of a software application, it is also conceivable, such as an Upgrade of the Firmware from the processor to the Microcode.

A lot of criticism of the boy Scouts of the difference

As for the difference in the last few days, it has become known, was followed by a rise in criticisms of the Time, that that finding. The reason for the criticism is the fact that the Team is partially paid for by Intel. This ones called, of course, on the Plane, and saw, behind him, the goal of the action.

However, many of these Teams will be supported by the chip manufacturers, whether it be through funding or Hardware. Google’s security team Project Zero, is to look not only at the processors, or the products of their own homes, but also for the competition. A serious vulnerability in the SoCs from Apple, it was the last one.

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