8M: These are the messages of the famous for the International Women’s Day


Again, Mexico commemorated the International Women’s day this march 8, and the famous of our country are not left behind by what turned to social networks to show your support of this date to the women, and some feminist movements, national.

8M: These are the messages of the famous for the International Women's Day

Famous celebrate the 8M in Mexico

From Maribel Guardia, Consuelo Duval and even stars youth as Danna Paola and Eiza Gonzalezmore of a famous gave a message in Instagram, Twitter or other social networks by the International Women’s day.

Remember that this 8 march, the so-called International Women’s Day, commemorates the participation in the labour market, economic and social welfare of women in the society as well as the struggle and feminist movements that achieved the recognition of the rights of women and were behind such struggles.

Maribel Guardia

Danna Paola

“LIKE A WHORE” “COY YOU LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL” “OH YOU HAD TO BE A WOMAN,” “US, HAS GONE FEMINIST” – NO, I HAVE COME OUT OF THE CAGE. You dress like a whore, they tell us, but you have no idea. If you give the free win to dress well, to feel beautiful, beautiful, safe, and powerful; it does for her, not for you because, although you fuck your clothes depends not on your cock. She can put on and take off, and teach, while you are not able to see beyond the skin. She wants to get out and be independent and happy, no more fears, She can drive the car you want, to load tons, to play soccer, undertake, run a thousand kilometers, travel to the moon, to save lives, to be the best president for a country, And Not see that behind your neckline, there is a woman brave and intelligent, and under her mini-skirt there is a confident woman, and then as you know that you are not to its height, the flames bitch, SHE HAS the RIGHT TO LIVE, AND DO NOT KILL HER. �� “So That no one street your voice screaming, can not tell you how high you can do it. That does not keep your wanting to stay asleep, making you think that it is a sin to wake up , don’t bury it under the grass of the duty of obedience, which grows with the watering of those who will take advantage of you and bury him up to make you invisible. Not to lengthen your skirt up to the knees those who want you to live with them driven into the ground. That does not make you dig your grave with your own strength that you block your mouth with the bandages, with which you should bind your wounds, and that you live for others to enjoy the existence. Woman, you never die. Or that they kill you fight or you die your remaining silent. “ – unruly Women, also let us fuck each other, support one another and go out to the world to give us hand, there is work to be done, there are songs to sing, there is a war to be won. #SeVaCaer #NiUnaMenos #8M ����

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Cynthia Rodriguez

Consuelo Duval

Sandra Echeverría

Ninel Conde

Sweet Mary

Women…we All have a struggle that is different , a different way of protest, to fight , to put the brakes, put limits of say up here! Don’t let that silenced your voice , your opinion and your ideas are important and should be listened to and taken seriously, not to mistreat you , underestimate , mock you or bully you for being a Woman, we women are strong , powerful, we have that creative force, that inner fire that is able to transmute all the pain in learning ,in strength, in Life…I wish I can be Free ,you know that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to and that you can be what you want , you can prepare and achieve economic independence for yourself, and q when you are with someone is for love and not for you to keep,I hope that don’t depend on anyone or emotionally or economically ,you can work at something you like and can carry.There is equality of opportunities and wages,you can walk safely at the time you want, don’t be afraid to dress how you want, don’t label or judge them by your way of being or thinking, that you find love,but first the more important it is to own ! You will learn to love you ,value you and respect you, that put limitations on yourself that you are not afraid to raise his voice , that I will never corrompas or lose your integrity for anything , because nothing is worth more than to be your same. I wish to respect our right to Life ! That you can live, enjoy , and don’t feel judged ,used, bullied or raped , and that does not make you feel that you’re crazy or that it does not matter what you feel or what you have to say, shout if necessary !but don’t stop expressing yourself , your voice ,your art ,your love,your work ,your effort it is necessary to Have a lot to say but what I want most in this moment ,is that no we live with the fear that we mistreat ,we violenten ,we violate or kill us just for being women ,we all have the right to live safe,that no we live with the fear of if we’re going to come back alive to our home. I hope that there is justice,respect, empathy and love, that being a woman does not leave so expensive… #NIUNAMAS���� #NIUNAMENOS #NOMASVIOLENCIA #diainternacionaldelamujer #8marzo2020

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Inés Gómez Mont

María León

Woman to woman: When you get up and you look in the mirror think of all you’ve accomplished to get here. How has been your way to be more strong, more wise, more happy… that constant struggle with yourself, to break stereotypes, and biases… that come from a social place, a historic big… but in the end there is nothing greater than the will. Woman to woman: today I celebrate all that you are and I remember you with love, which is also what you’re around: yes, mom, yes business, yes working, yes professional yes housewife yes craft but also a woman who owns your emotions, your femininity, your strength, your love, your sensuality and sexuality, your body, your decisions… and one thing does not cancel the other, or discredit what I do worked for be. Today I celebrated by this constant struggle and hopeful that you do every day for justice, for fairness, for respect, for love, for peace. Because that fight take you to fly towards your dreams, to feel valued, to go out into the street without fears or insecurities by being a woman, that struggle will bring you always safely home. Woman-to-woman: we’ll support you, I love you, I celebrate, I give you the hand and you’ll remember all the days that you are beautiful, unique, warrior, loving, strong, and beautifully unwavering. For you, for the women who love them, that you are not and for that one day you will not fail. �� #NiUnaMenos #DíaInternacionalDeLaMujer #JuntasSomosPaz #8m

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Cynthia Klitbo

Joy Huerta

Natalia Lafourcade

Tabata Jalil

Celia Lora

Kany García

Aleida Nuñez

Patricia Manterola

Ana Barbara

Mariana Seoane

These were some of the messages of our famous by the International Women’s day this 8 of march.

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