Active Directory: Microsoft’s multi-factor, you’re safe behind the Paywall


In February, Microsoft said in a security conference, RSA, to 2020, that is, the multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an important measure of security for your business. “About one half of one per cent of the Company’s financial statements into our System, they are committed to each and every month, which is a number that is too highAlex says Weinert, Manager of the Microsoft security solutions. It specifies that this applies globally, an estimated 1.2 million accounts. In the case of a company with 10,000 Microsoft account, there is a risk of a security to be in the mid 50’s.

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More than 99.9 percent of these Accounts would probably not have turned on authentication on a number of factors, the most complaints in Weinert. This is a very good method to protect your business against security vulnerabilities in their own infrastructure. In spite of these risks, only 11 percent of all the companies, however, the MFA, in all of them are in use.

The second factor is the extra cost

The company will seek, however, is that the self-announced all MFA methods are, in many cases, it is behind a pay barrier. You could try in the case of the own-Office-365-products. The multi-factor authentication with the Microsoft services delivered, at least in the editorial is in two parts: in the first place, the Office 365 programs, you can be a second factor that is a guarantee. This includes applications such as Outlook, Word, powerpoint, Excel, and Teams that are to be expected. On the other, a number of factors can be defined in the Administration console, the windows Azure Active Directory.

Sign in to Office 365, it is relatively simple to do, and it is, for example, by using a Smartphone as a second factor, it is possible to. When you set up a Microsoft generated a Barcode, which we scan with a Registry. In our experiments, this only works with the Microsoft windows Registry. Not AndOPT the Authenticator to recognize the Code. Both Google and Microsoft. the App has a security issue: you have Screenshots, they can be put in place. In addition to this, you can use it to protect your Office 365, you receive extra protection in the Web or Legacy applications, Active Directory is required.

The Problem is: Only pay for the users that are allowed to use the Fido Sticks from other manufacturers, such as second-factor authentication. This feature is included only in the Active Directory Premium, the P1, your 5,06 Eur per user, per month, in addition to the costs for you. This includes the cost of Office 365 and other Cloud applications, in some cases. At least in Windows 10 the MFA-authentication via USB-to-Fido-Stick is possible.

Microsoft should also be able to work in the Admin interface for the security settings. They are mismatched, inside-right, and you are not the same, visually, in a way. The developer will need to enable MFA for all users, and the settings in the menu, but fragile design. And then, perhaps, more than 11% of the customers will rely on you.

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